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Protestant (ETW Religion)

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Protestantism( Protestant.png ) is a religion shared by some factions and countries in Empire: Total War. It is one of the three major divisions within Christianity.

Unlike the other divisions, Protestantism does not have a centralized hierarchy or capital, and is instead made up of different denominations, though this is not represented ingame.


Four out of twelve major factions in Empire: Total War's Grand Campaign are Protestant; that is, four out of nine major factions in Europe.

European Protestant nations are often allied because of the Catholic threats from powerful factions like Spain and France on the European mainland. The European Protestant nations also usually have a historical friendship, improving their relations further.

Protestantism is mainly the religion of western and northern parts of Europe in the beginning of the game. Protestant factions do, however, own colonies and protectorates to which they spread their faith. As a result, the emerging United States and the Thirteen Colonies share the Protestant faith with their mother country.

List of Protestant Factions

The major factions in the game which are Protestant are-


Empire: Total War is set during the Enlightment period, which, historically, religion became less significant in the everyday lives of Europeans, and the research of new sciences and technologies became more prominent. Thus, relgion's influence is downplayed ingame. In fact, Empire: Total War's official manual does not even contain a section on religion.

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