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ReallyBadAI Battle System

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ReallyBadAI Battle System
Platform Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms
Mod Type AI Overhaul
Mod Leader Germanicu5
Release Status Version 5.7
Forum / Thread Here

This modification for Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms aims to improve the Vanilla Battle AI for a more enjoyable game.


ReallyBadAI's earliest version with accessible information is version 5.01: it corrected Third Age: Total War installation issues and changed installation directory to "mods", so that you could install the AI in the parent directory of any custom mod folder. The next released version was version 5.02 which was a typo correction for ReallyBadAI Hardcore target files, and sometime later version 5.03, which was a fix for a setup file was up for downloading. Version 5.04, which fixed odd custom battle deployment CTDs, was next in line. Version 5.1.3, which made overall AI performance better along with various bug fixes, was the following mod with enough available information. Then came Version 5.2, which made the game more stable along with minor changes, and the follow-up was version 5.3 which supported the Call of Warhammer mod better than before and increased the overall AI's capabilities. Version 5.7, the current version, was released on May 21, 2011.


This mod is promoted as the most unique and comprehensive modification of battle AI ever made for Medieval 2: Total War, squeezing out as much as possible from the game engine, supporting it with exclusively developed, manually scripted AI behavior and tweaked settlements, building up an unforgettable experience. It also has a fully automated installer. It also has three 'Officially supported mods' in which it works, namely the Stainless Steel mod, the Third Age: Total War mod, and the Broken Crescent mod which all work on Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms. Other mods may also utilize this mod.


The mod makes some huge changes in the way the AI fights its battles, namely;

  • The mod has the most aggressive outflanking for Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms of every AI mod around, the AI is more aggressive and capable.
  • The overall AI performance has much improved, so that even simple orders are carried out better than before.
  • The troop formations are heavily revised for the AI and improved for the player, adding more options for battle setup and tactics.
  • The skirmishing has been streamlined, so that the enemy ranged units fight properly.
  • Cavalry no longer charges into spears, either avoiding or flanking the threat in this version.
  • Troops now move around properly instead of taking detours to their destination, which happened quite often in the Vanilla game.
  • The mod team has made countless fixes to the coding, bugs, and balancing.
  • The use of exploits has become much more limited, making sure there is almost no way to abuse the AI's coding.
  • An optional Battle Content switch has been added, so that the player decides which parts of the ReallyBadAI mod are used in battle and which are ignored.
  • Changes to the AI siege tactics have made the enemy more versatile and effective in siege battles, now actually doing something else than massing at the choke points.

Team & Credits

External links

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