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Badges/Roles:Civitate, Citizen
Patron of:none


Scarface joined TWC May 25th 2005, after lurking for about half a year. After a short bout of spamming, he was one of the few people to ever have their post count reduced to zero. ScarFace is known to be commonly found in the Ethos, Mores et Monastica, and to be a passionate supporter of the Curia. A noteworthy fact: ScarFace has never in fact watched the movie that his name is [in error] believed to be named after. He was patronized by Scorch October 11th, 2007. In early November, he was a fervent support for Elrond's Vote of No Confidence. Later in November, ScarFace helped form a bill with his patron Scorch, about how to fix the Curator system, which may be viewed here. He later ran for a position on the CDeC, but was not elected. Though he was quick to aid in a slight-restructuring of the electoral process for the CDeC not long after, which may be viewed here.

ScarFace has also worked on the Total war Center Wiki since late August, and was a librarian from mid December until late march.

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