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Western Roman Empire (RTW:BI Faction)

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Western Roman Empire (RTW:BI Faction)
The Western Roman Empire's faction symbol
Name: The Western Roman Empire
From Game: Barbarian Invasion
Culture: Roman

The Western Roman Empire is one of the playable factions in Barbarian Invasion.

By the time of Barbarian Invasion, the Roman Empire is well and truly in decline. The Western Roman Empire is the larger, but poorer part of the old Empire. It is most at risk from the oncoming Barbarian Hordes. However, all is not lost. The WRE can still field an impressive army, and a skilled player can bring the Empire to new heights - including reunification with the East.

Game Play

Starting Position

At the beginning of the game, the Western Roman Empire ranges from the British Isles in the north to the deserts of Africa in the south. It is the largest faction in the game, controlling Italy, Gaul, Illyria, Pannonia, Britain, Spain and a small part of North Africa. The Empire borders the Celts in the north, the Franks and Alemanni in the northeast, the Eastern Roman Empire in the east and the Berbers in the south. Your empire is also divided between pagans and christians, with your faction leader being christian, leading to public order penalties in many of your settlements.

Win Conditions

In order to achieve victory the Westerm Roman Empire must control 34 provinces, including Northern Italy (Rome), Africa (Carthage), Taraconensis (Tarraco) and Thracia (Constantinople).


Infantry Units

Ranged Units

Cavalry Units

Strategy guides

Playing as the Western Empire is the toughest challenge in the game. However the easiest way in which to deal with this, is to let cities rebel and recapture them, exterminating the population. This will give you a fresh start and will also increase the value of the settlement. However to make the empire a prosporos place you must kill Valentinus the emperor, his attributes mean that he is a terrible administator and an even worse General. For the sake of the Empire he must be killed. Unless you kill Valentinius, the WRE will quickly fall apart. However the settlements you must keep hold of are Rome, Ravanna, Tarraco, and Carthage, as these four on there own make up the majority of your income in the first turns of the game.

RTW: The Western Roman Empire Empire Walkthrough, [1].

With the WRE you need to destroy the Celts and Berbers, exterminate their cities as your economy is in tatters. Spain will lose you a lot of money so sort that out asap. Attacking the barbarian factions is all very well, but in reality it simply speeds up the time when the hordes attack you. What I did was simply build loads of camps on my frontier with the barbarian and repel any invasions. The Hordes will appear soon enough and weakened. while you are waiting for them take Africa and start assulting the Sassanids and the ERE. Once you have defeated the hordes you now have vast amounts of men to swarm the Barbarians with. The ultimate destruction of all of these peoples will be quick and easy. Leave garrisons and head east. Destroy and maim anyone whom you come across. By now the in the East your legeasily to rebelsions should have reduced the Sassanids to nothing and you can perform a pincer movement through the ERE.

The world is yours and the WRE has been restored to its rightful place! More importantly however, you have completed Barbarian Invasion with the most difficult faction on the game!!!



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