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Celts (RTW:BI Faction)

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Celts (RTW:BI Faction)
The Celts' faction symbol
Name: Celts
From Game: Barbarian Invasion
Culture: Barbarian

The Celts are one of the non-playable factions in the Barbarian Invasion expansion for Rome: Total War. They can be made playable through very simple modding. They are in the Barbarian culture group.

Game Play

Starting Position

  • Dal Raida (Caledonia)
  • Tara (Hibernia)

Win Conditions

The Celts need to invade all of Britain and parts of Gaul.


Infantry Units

Ranged Units

Cavalry Units

Unique Units

Hounds of Cullann: These fearsome warriors tower above the average soldier, with a skin hue of deep purple and carry a menacing sword. Once they use the 'Warcry' ability or enter combat they go into Berserker mode which makes you lose control of them (like in a rout) while they run around the battlefield slaughtering any enemies which fall into view.

Kerns - Javelin men.

Slingers: Just like in the original R:TW slingers are a missile unit. However they have a very short firing range and because they fire directly instead of upwards they must be placed at the front of your army or else they will fire at your own troops.

Druids: Again, like in the original R:TW Druids are infantry units, however weak they may be. Their strength however, comes in their 'Chant' ability which raises the morale of nearby allies while lowering it for enemies. Quite similar to the Catholic Priest.

Gallowglasses: A soldier with a large two-handed sword. Very powerful infantry unit.

Scotti Chariots: Chariots are quite weak in a 'head-on' charge, or even against a battle against a unit of infantry due to their low defence. Their strength however comes in charging into the rear of enemy units. Their other advantage is in the fact that they demolish enemy morale, even by just being near enemy troops. A charge into an enemy's rear or flanks usually causes an insta-rout!

Strategy guides



The Celts have a long and proud history, but often debated. Some say they come from the pyrenees, whereas some say the Alps. Either way, they streamed down from the hills and conquered a huge swathe of land. (the celtic factions in RTW are Britannia, Gaul, Spain, and Dacia.) They even reached Galatia in Turkey.

The Celtic Empire was shrunk often in the later part of the 1st milennium bc. Dacia, Celtiberia, Gaul and Britannia fell to the Romans. Only Scotland, Cornwall, Cumbria, Ireland, the Isle of Man and Wales has still a strong Celtic population.

Celtic culture itself lingered on until the 5th century ad.

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