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Freddie joined TWC October 14, 2004 he is a Helios reporter and now editor (as of December 20, 2008) contributing to at least twelve issues. Best known for his use of green text and use of Comic Sans MS font face in all of his posts Freddie is regular fixture in the Basement and Circus Maximus forums due to his passion for all things technical.

Although well know for his technical knowledge Freddie can hold his own in political debates, although his political leanings fall the to right he has been labelled as a 'voice of reason' which he latter used in custom rank title. His debating skills caught the eye of TWC veteran Last Roman who sponsored Freddie for the Rank of Civitate which was subsequently granted.

A year latter Freddie was approached by Squeakus Maximus now know as Tom Paine to become a content writer for the Helios covering the Circus Maxiums. Freddie turned down request as he could not give the time due to exams he was taking in the summer, however by July 2007 Freddie asked to join the Helios as a reporter for the Basement which he bas been covering consistently since issue 15 and as of December 2008 he hasn't missed one publication.

In November 2008 Freddie was made acting editor of the Helios due to the current editor The Sundance Kid being missing from the site for a long period of time. Although The Sundance Kid did come back for the following Helios it was clear he was no longer able to maintain his position due to real life pressures and Freddie was made permanent editor as of 20 December, 2008.

He has no plans to stop using green text so stop asking him.

Ranks Held:

Civitate - 28/03/2006 - Patron Last Roman
Content Editor - 20/12/2008
Content Writer - 20/07/2007


Gold Scribes Quill

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