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Harry Lime

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Harry Lime
Ranks: Senior Moderator | Artifex | Citizen | Administrator
Patron: imb39 | Tokus*Maximus | jimkatalanos
Patron of: None

Harry Lime is an Administrator on TWC.


Harry Lime's original name was Abrocomos. As Abrocomos, he lurked for 18 months as a member before making his first post. He started posting regularly in the DLV forum in May 2007, and quickly took up modding, and he joined the DLV mod team in July 2007.

Harry Lime became a developer for Deus Le Volt. He became a citizen in September 2007, under Tokus*Maximus, then jimkatalanos and then at some point imb39 took him in as a client. In November and December of 2007, he played in a chess tournament in the Coliseum, beating all-comers as black and white.

He became a moderator in January 20, 2008. After proving himself to be a good moderator, he was promoted to the rank of Global Moderator on May 5, 2008 along with Erich von Manstein.

In the same month he was promoted to Senior Moderator, along with Roman_Man#3, to help fill the gap that Trajan left.

He hit bright red August 14, 2008 as the Chief of Moderation replacing Imb39. Less then 8 months since being made staff.

Significant Events

  • On February 12, 2005, Harry Lime joined as Abrocomos.
  • On July 2007, he became a DLV member.
  • On September 2007, he became a citizen.
  • In Nov-Dec 2007, he won the open chess tournament.
  • On January 20, 2008, he became a Junior Moderator.
  • On May 5, 2008, he was promoted from Junior Moderator to Global Moderator.
  • On May 20 2008, he was promoted to Senior Moderator.
  • On August 14, 2008, he was appointed as the Chief of Moderation.
  • On August 25, 2008, he resigned as Chief of Moderation and his postion of Senior Moderator.

Ranks Held







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