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Imperator II

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Imperator II, also now known as Imperator II - Apocalypto, is a mod created by RTR team member LestaT. The game includes the traditional Imperator campaign and a new Marian campaign, both heavily scripted for increased difficulty and realism. The mod was originally for RTR 6 Gold, then RTR Platinum, but now works as a standalone modification. Imperator shares a hosted sub-forum with the Metro Naval mod.

Release Date: February 11th, 2007

Team and Credits

Mod Leader: LestaT

Very Special Thanks to

RTR developers, RTRPE members, TFT team, Marcus Cornelius Marcellus, Cheexsta, Ryman2489, Candelarius, Macedonn, Imperator, Sinuhet, Darth Vader, evil-SHADOW, Tiberius Nero, Stuie, King Arthur, Fattimus, chanks, Marcus Camillus, Koinos, Anallein, Snake IV, khsayathiya, TiFlo, CaesarCS, Riczu74, bucellarii, 1hHoplite, Salvor Hardin and the 77BC mod, Ahmose, Caius Brittanicus, Anyan, NorthHammer, Spartacus, GODzilla, Pinarius, AlCord, EB mod, RTR forum, twcenter.net forum, totalwar.org forum Thanks to all those who supported this mod and voted as the 'Most Challenging Modification for RTR-2006', special thanks to Marcus Cornelius Marcellus for his S.P.Q.R. Redux AAR which help alot to advertise this mod further, the players who comment and report regarding bugs etc. Also if there's anyone who I might have miss whom believes that they have contributed in the developement of this mod I apologize for the mistake and p.m. me and all will be corrected.

Download Links

Download: Here

Download Patch: Here

Release Thread: Here

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