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Ranks: Artifex | Citizen | Civitate | Moderator
Patron : Dromikaites

LestaT registered on the January 23, 2006 under the name AngryTitusPullo.

LestaT's TWC Profile [1]

History (2006-2008)

LestaT first joined TWC in June 29, 2005 but unable to post due to some forum issue and the re-registered on January 23, 2006 under AngryTitusPullo. He's already involved in modding at that time, mostly related to making mini-mods of Rome Total Realism mod for RTW.

He has manage to miss all past TWC crisis between 2006 until 2008 like the Staff Rebellion,The Besim Episode and The Purchaseby staying mainly at Rome Total Realism's own forum and only posted here at TWC to promote his mini-mods such as Imperator Mod for RTR 6 Gold which was released on February 5, 2006 and also started the project to convert RTR 6 Gold to be compatible with RTW 1.5 and BI 1.6. That project became a community project under the name of RTR Platinum or RTRPE which was released here at TWC on April 06, 2006.

After successfully releasing RTRPE, LestaT released his second personal sub-mod Imperator II on June 29, 2006 while also participating in debate threads especially those related to Islam and subsequently he was patronized by Dromikaites and became a Citizen on September 09, 2006.

He was invited to become a full time member of Rome Total Realism by Marcus Cornelius Marcellus for RTR 7 as coder, scripter and responsible as a build manager for the early beta build. As the original RTR 7 later becomes RTR VII the team moved from RTR Forum back to TWC after the former permanently went down and contributed to the release of RTR VII The Iberian Conflict on January 2, 2008.

He resigned from RTR after the release of The Iberian Conflict and did not take part in the development of Fate of Empires and the release of Rome Total Realism VII though credited as Special Members (Former Developer/Advice). Real life issue contributed to less time modding between 2008 until 2012 though have manage the time to release RTRPE v2.0 which updates the mod to be playable with RTW Alexander.

Current (2012-Today)

  • While waiting for the release of new [[Total War: Rome II], LestaT released RTR Platinum Edition v.20 on August 30, 2012 and the mod won under 3 Categories of the TWC Modding Award 2012 for Music & SFX, Historical & Lorefriendly and also New Mod. He also won 1st Runner-Up for Modder's Category under Coder.
  • With the release of the official Assembly Kit for Shogun 2, LestaT finally to get involve in modding and have release Extended Mods Collection on Steam Workshop[2] which won him 2nd Runner-Up under Miniature Mod category of the TWC Modding Award 2012.
  • LestaT is currently moderating the Total War: Rome II after becoming moderator by invitation from staff July 15, 2013 and also a member of Rome II Total Realism team, newly created for the game Total War: Rome II.




Macebigsilver.png Moderator's Mace (Silver) - Awarded for time served as a Moderator for a period of six to eleven months. Issue time: February 07, 2014.

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