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Rarity Avy.png

Vault Staff
Also known as Lady Rarity

Badges/Roles:Citizen ; Content Staff ; Local Moderator
Patron of:Milner; Diamat


Rarity is a TWC modder of great renown. Since registering in August 2010 he has become a key contributor to several modding projects, such as Rome Medieval and Ran no Jidai. Perhaps his most prized modding contribution is the "Rarity's Carousel Boutique" RTW Workshop, where he creates skins and animations on request. Recognition of his work earned him the RTW Modeller award in the 2011 modder of the year awards. Rarity is also skilled in the creation of graphical art of varying genres.

Perhaps the most striking element of Rarity's character is, for those in the know, his similarity to the character he has adopted. A model of generosity, he is always willing to use his skills for the benefit of his friends, and of the entire community. A polite, cordial manner and a good grasp of aesthetics add icing to the cake.

During his first slice of TWC activity - as his alter egos phananhtom and Soarin' - Rarity was a notorious spammer of the Coliseum, in fact one of the most well-known. After losing almost all of his spam posts due to GED's purge and gaining citizenship, he shed his Colosian identity and focused on the more serious areas of the forum. He was actually one of the most pleased at the loss of his posts, due to a tenacious obsession for a high rep-to-post ratio - a love of prestige and fabulous bling that again reminds us of his selected mare.

He is part of the Vault Staff, and also writes for the Silver Shield.

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