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Total War: Warhammer Mods

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Mods for the Total War Series
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Modifications for Total War: Warhammer I, II and III.
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Table for Total War: Warhammer I & II Mods

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Sortable Table
Modification Name Info
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Platform or Parent* Type Scope Mod Leader/s TWC Mod Registry Steam Download Other Download Released / Updated Wiki Page
Radious Total War Mod Complete game overhaul mod, which aims to give players big changes in campaign AI, diplomacy and land battles; reworking of abilities, spells and magic; changes to buildings, re-balancing of all unit stats and costs, reworked experience system and much more with additions of custom made units for all in game factions. Warhammer I Warhammer II Enhancement Overhaul Radious Entry TWWI Thread TWWII Thread TWWI Thread TWWII Thread 2018-12-14 (TWWII) Radious Total War Mod (TWW)
Better Aggressive CAI Dedicated to improved Campaign AI behaviours the mod continues the research from Better Aggresive CAI for Rome II and Attila. Warhammer I Enhancement Campaign AI Junaidi83 de Bodemloze Entry See thread MediaFire see thread 2016-06-02 Better Aggressive CAI
Wakes Realism An overhaul aimed at making the game more realistic and enjoyable. Following Lore as much as possible. Warhammer I (patch 7) Lore Mod Overhaul Wakelessrex, Elric von Rabenfels, Zoomooz Entry See thread 2017-05-15 Wakes Realism
Steph's Warhammer Overhaul - Recruitment Diversity Adds new units, a regional recruitment system with units with local uniforms and heraldry. The best units are limited both in number and places where they can be recruited to increase the importance of key provinces, and keep more balanced armies. Warhammer II Enhancement Overhaul Steph Entry See thread 2018-08-25 Steph's Warhammer Overhaul - Recruitment Diversity
Sam8872's Marienburg Faction Overhaul Mod Aims to create a fully fledged Marienburg faction, bringing in custom units, technologies, legendary lords and potentially some new buildings/landmarks. Warhammer II Add-on Faction Sam8872 See post 2018-04-09
Old World Regiments of Renown Introduces 16 Regiments of Renown into the game, 7 from the Greenskins, 8 from the Empire and currently only 1 for the Vampire Counts. Submods are also available for the Greenskins and the Empire and a separate Tomb Kings ROR. Warhammer II Add-on Units Sam8872 See thread 2018-03-14
Modders Resource Pack - Elven Textures Compiled version of textures by kelembribor21, most have saved custom rigid models to have option to use them with original textures. Warhammer II Resource Units kelembribor21 MediaFire see thread 2018-08-13
Campaign Recruitment Events Adds event messages that fire when you recruit a unit for the first time in your campaign. Warhammer II Add-on Interface (Event Messages) Commissar Caligula_ See thread 2018-08-03
Home Region Move Bonus & Provincial Roads Home Region mod gives human and AI armies in their home region a bonus to movement. Provincial Roads makes road buildings effect the whole province, not just the one region Warhammer II Enhancement Campaign (Movement) Dresden MediaFire see thread 2017-10-04
Diplomatic Options - Vassal, Liberate and Confederate Allows all factions to confederate, liberate and vassal other factions. Warhammer II Enhancement Campaign (Diplomacy) Dresden MediaFire see thread 2017-10-06
Faction Unit Cards Each Bretonnian, Greenskin, Dwarf, and Vampire Count faction is given unit cards that match their faction's colors/regalia. Warhammer I Enhancement Interface (Unit Cards) SPARTAN VI See thread 2017-09-20
Conquer Anywhere (Regional Occupation Removal) Allows all non-chaos factions to conquer any settlement on the map. There is also a version for Chaos. Together with other optional Diplomatic mods. Wood elves remain as they are in vanilla. Warhammer I Enhancement Campaign (Diplomacy) Dresden See thread MediaFire see thread 2017-08-18
The Green Knight, actual protector of Bretonnia Improves the Green Knight's campaign map mechanics. Warhammer I Lore Mod Campaign (Garrison) Arcarias See thread 2017-11-15
Proper Combat Mod Aims to slow down the combat for tactical battles whilst still remaining dynamic and fun. Warhammer I Enhancement Battle Play KAM 2150 See thread MediaFire see thread 2017-08-28
Lore Friendly Regional Recruitment Mod Aims to enhance game experience with a new Area of Recruitment (AOR) system and spectacular and faithful reskins. Warhammer I Enhancement Overhaul Gengi87 See thread 2017-07-12
Modification Name Hover over icon for info Platform or Parent* Type Scope Mod Leader/s TWC Mod Registry Steam Download Other Download Released / Updated Wiki Page

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