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Trax Avatar.jpg

Citizen of TWC

Badges/Staff Roles:Civitate
Patron of:Marcus Trajan, Agent Provocateur, jarnomiedema

The Beginning

Trax arrived to TWC 16th of October 2003. He came after the Time Commanders videos and had no intention to stay. However, he was soon stunned by the friendly, highly intelligent and liberal atmosphere of TWC and decided to abandon the dark pits of spam at the .com and made TWC his home on the Internet.

Rise through the ranks

Trax was among the first (December 16, 2003) to recieve the new rank of civitate, created in December 2003. In the scandal surrounding the deletion of TWC he belonged to the anti tBP party, but opposed his ostrakon or banishment. In May 2004 Trax was surprised to hear, that he is chosen to be the next quaestor (May 16, 2004). As a quaestor he was given a task to clean up the RTW section of the forum. He proceeded to do so with a iron fist and achieved great success, the forum was cleaned of spam, double posting and threads asking:"When will the demo be released?" Problems began in mid June, when Trax lost access to internet and efficient moderating became impossible, still he was raised to the rank of praetor (late July 2004) after morble resigned. Trax was demoted from the rank of praetor, probably due to inactivity in November 10, 2004.

The Exile

After losing the staff position Trax remained moderatly active and held the post of local moderator in the history section, now known as Vestigia Vetustatis. During the May 2005 crisis he followed his favourite member borispavlovgrozny into exile in Anagennese, though he failed to get himself banned. The Anagennese period lasted almost a year, but in April 2005 Trax finally purchased RTW and became less and less active at Ana in favour of The Org's Europa Barbarorum section and for a period he lost interest in Total War world at all.

The Return

The return was a possibility for Trax since January 2007, when Ogre's Net lost control over TWC. In July 2007 Trax finally defeated his inherent laziness and sorted out his problems with internet connection, as a result he returned to TWC in 26th of July 2007 and is currently feeling very old and out of place in this rather different and very large internet community. In September 2007 Trax decided to run for a seat in the Consilium de Civitate, which he promptly won. In January 2008 he was appointed Tribunal judge and re-elected to the CdeC. In April 2009 he was sacked from the Tribunal due to inactivity and left for a small vacation from TWC that turned out to be much longer than expected.

Current activities

He returned once again in April 2010 and is feeling even more out of place than after the previous return.

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