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The Black Prince

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the Black Prince
TBP ava.jpg


Badges/Roles: Editor, Divus, Writer, Patrician, Citizen, Senatorii
Patron:House Founder
Patron of:Jomsviking, Emperor Dimitricus, Justinian, Bruticus the Steadfast, Homi, .Socrates, Arakorn-eir, Jubal_Barca, jimkatalanos


the Black Prince, or "tBP", was administrator of Total War Centre from November 2003 to February 2004, where he was controversially removed after allegedly attempting to delete the site. He has been a moderator several times since then, and was elected to the rank of Divus in February 2006, though he later resigned due to doubts as to whether or not he qualified for the position. He is currently a senior well respected Senator, and a member of the Consilium de Civitate. tBP has been instrumental in the drafting of the new site Constitution.

Author of The Chronicles of the Prince.


the Black Prince, real name Aden Lucas, is an English Law Student born in 1985, London. He joined TWC in September 2002 not long after the sites creation, and following the release of Medieval: Total War. When TWC moved to legiontotalwar in April 2003, tBP was one of the first to join up, as member no. 19. He is one of the few members from this era who still are regular active members, notable others including Wild Bill Kelso, Lord Tomyris, Siblesz, Octy and PyrrhusIV.


Consilium de Civitate Empire.png

Content writer radadir.png

Content editor calvin.png

Citizen radadir.png


Divus large.png Divus

Macebiggold.png Gold Moderator's Mace

Quillbiggold.png Gold Scribe's Quill

Curator large.png Curatorial Service Award

Cdec gold large.png Silver CdeC Award

2007 award.png 2007 Site Award

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