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~The Doctor~

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~The Doctor~
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Badges/Staff Roles:Banned
Patron of:Boeing


~The Doctor~ first joined TWC on August 11, 2007 under the name of Bernard L Black. He soon became extremely active on the forums, mostly in the Common Community. He began working on the TWC Wiki and after a debacle regarding medals for the Wiki Scorch offered to patronise him. ~The Doctor~ was patronised on September 17, 2007, and took up the rank of Civitate. The following day he changed his name to ~The Doctor~.

He currently serves as a Content Writer for the Eagle Standard and The Helios.

Sometime during January ~The Doctor~ was suspended from the rank of Citizen temporarily, lasting two months.


~The Doctor~, upon his name change, was soon called Medicus by fellow member Thanatos, who wished to give him a Latin name in order to accommodate him in his signature proper, as everything else was already in Latin. The name caught on, and other members have since begun using the nickname as well.

The doctor was recently banned

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