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*[[Curia|The Curia]]
*[[Curia|The Curia]]
**[[Syntagma|The Syntagma]]
**[[Syntagma|The Syntagma]]
**[[:category:Ranks| The Ranks of TWC]]
**[[:TWC:Ranks|The Ranks of TWC]]
== External Links ==
== External Links ==

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Total War Center is one of the largest Total War fan sites on the internet. It is home to mods created for the different games in the TW series including Rome Total Realism, SPQR and Terrae Expugnandae for Rome: Total War and Lands to Conquer, Medieval: Total Realism and Medieval: Wrath of the Norsemen for Medieval 2: Total War. The Site also has it's own IRC Chat and Podcast. The Day to day running of the Site is done by the Administrators and Senior Moderators. There are also approximately 20 Junior Moderators. TWC is also home to the Curia.


  • Extensive Community
  • A vast discussion board for topics ranging far beyond the Total War series of games.

Hosted Mods

- Main Article: Hosted Modifications

The Total War Center (TWC) is home to the largest collection of modifications for the total war series. The hosted mods are predominantly for Rome Total War and its expansions, although work has started on several mod projects for the new release, Medieval II: Total War.

Here are some of the most well known modifications for the Total War series hosted on the Total War Center:

Rome Total War

Medieval 2: Total War

The Medieval 2: Total War modding community is waiting in eager anticipation of a new Patch and Pack Extractor.

Many mods have been announced including:

Common Community

The Common Community Section of TWC is almost as big as the Total War areas. Here people debate topics such as Politics, Current Affairs, Morals, Religion, Science, Sports, History, Technology, and games.


- See main article: Total War Center History

Some of the former Administrators or Staff members of TWC have created accounts of their times at the site:

Visual History

See Also

External Links