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Eclipse SG

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Eclipse SG

ex-Patrician of TWC

Patron of:Felix, Annaeus, joedreck, Grand Duke Vytautas, DrIstvaan, Kushan, Sounds like Killing, Skyler, Maverick and Keravnos

He is the author of "The beginner's guide to philosophers", and is known for having an extreme opinion on the inadequacy of the citizen class, and for knowing vast amounts of TWC information. He is presently a CDC member.

He is a member of the House of Siblesz, under the patronage of Simetrical.


  • Joined February 28, 2006
  • Became Civitate Summer 2006
  • Appointed Patrician 30th August, 2006
  • Became inactive December 2007, has shown sporadic activity since.

Full Story

Member of the TWCenter Forums. A curial activist who primarily posts in the Curia and Ethos. Generally a moderate on most issues.

Originaly registered at the RTR forums, but moved to TWC in search of other mods and a cure for boredom. Joined February 28th, 2006. First posted in the VV, but after an argument with Sidus Preclarum over the government system of France in Mid March, left the forum for over a month, only to return in late April to download the new add-on to RTR 6.3. After his return he moved away from the VV, moving instead to the Political Mudpit, where he became the opponent of Ozymandias (or Squeakus Maximus/the Grim Squeaker) in many of the threads. By Late May the top ten threads of the Ethos were filled with the posts of the two members, leading to Silver Guard's move over to the Ethos est Mores.

Upon adding tGS to his recent MSN account Silver Guard began participation in the Suggestus (now Questions and Suggestions) section of the forum. This was to be a new direction for the predominantly philosophy-based debater, as he became more involved in the political side of the forum. Upon tGS's elevation to staff Silver Guard left the Ethos almost completely, lacking an opponent who he felt gave a challenge. His increased activity in the Suggestus (namely in the Negative Rep thread) brought the attention of an older member, Simetrical.

Silver Guard's first meeting with Simetrical would be through the IRC chat, upon entering the chat for the first time Simetrical offered to patronise Silver Guard, a shock to a member with only 260 odd posts.

When he was passed by the early Consilium de Civitate, Silver Guard lept into the Curia, fuelled by his disgust at the state of the Civitate rank he had been accepted into. The first to propose the demotion of the entire Civitate population en-masse he was seen as extreme and misguided by some of his more influential Civitate peers.

This was to change in the late summer of 2006. Perikles, an ally of Silver Guard's in the Curia, was promoted to a moderation position, along with the podcaster Evariste and the Senatorii Seleukos. Although Silver Guard disagreed with JP's new-found position, as it was appointed, he was to have to grow used to the end of Curial power over any aspect of the site.

The Curia continued to fade into October, when Besim struck and the Staff folded in on itself. This was the first step in Silver Guards more moderate approach, as opposed to the extreme support he threw into the staff decision in September to reform the curia. Modelling himself as the man with a broom in the Curia, he attempted to keep the sub-forum running as close to as usual as possible a crisis after crisis passed overhead.

His friends in higher positions gave him a birds eye perspective on all issues, especially in the event of the aftermath of the Archer problems (related to the Staff Rebellion) where he was kept up to date and on top of the situation, despite his inability to have any effect on it.

When Besim struck once more in December he left the forum for ten days, his longest single absence since march, and longest inactivity since October. He returned upon Besim's leave-taking to a different atmosphere.

To be continued...

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