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Ranks: Citizen | Librarian | Content Editor | Chief Librarian | Global Moderator | Content Writer | Administrator
Patron: jimkatalanos
Patron of: Maяcel, koultouras, Killerbee, LuckyLewis, .Mitch., ForteS, Apple, TNZ, Marcus Agrippa Vipsanius, comrade_general, naxzul666, Agostinos, Radious, Sacrebleu!, Dee Jay, The Dutch Devil


Legio is a, Citizen and Administrator on TWC who registered on March 12, 2008. He is now part of the Hexagon Council. He also writes for the Helios regularly. Legio once had a blog entitled 'A Brooklyn Life', in which he discussed his childhood and early adolescence. The blog was well known for its graphic content; it is now unknown where the blog resides, for Legio removed it from public view and no longer speaks of it.

He became Junior Moderator for the Empire Total War forum in February 2009. He then, on July 29th became a Global Mod and in 2012 Hexagon Council member.

Significant Events

-> Legio became a Librarian on the 23rd of July 2008.

-> He was awarded a Scribe's Quill (Bronze) on October 21st 2008 for serving as a member of Content Staff for 3 months.

-> He was patronized by jimkatalanos and became a citizen on November 1st 2008.

-> He became a Junior moderator in February 2009.

-> He became a Global Moderator in July 2009.

-> Awarded Moderator's Silver mace in August 2009.

-> Awarded the Scribe's Quill (Gold) in August 2009.

-> Won the favourite moderation staff member award in November 2009.

-> He became the Chief Librarian in January 2010.

-> He was awarded with the Asterix's Loincloth in April 2010.

-> He was awarded Novus in June 2010.

-> He was elected Magistrate in June 2010.

-> He was named Administrator in October 2012, after Omnipotent-Q stepped down.

Ranks Held Currently

Citizen radadir.png

Librarian radadir2.png


Content writer radadir2.png

Content director.png

Consilium de Civitate Empire.png

Administrator radadir.png


Legio has written several AARs based on Rome: Total War. They can be found in the After Action Report subforum.

And the Greeks Shall Rule the World

To the Ends of the Earth

Hegemonia of the Balkans

Etrurian Renaissance


Quillbigamethyst.png Amethyst Scribe's Quill

Mod Mace Amethyst large.png Amethyst Moderator's Mace

Aar bronze large yael.png AAR Bronze Medal

Siteaward2009large.png 2009 Site Award, Best Role Model

Siteaward2010large.png 2010 Site Award, Favorite Staff Member and Member of Moderation Staff

Scriptorium silver large.png Silver Scriptorium Award

Loincloth large rahl.png Asterix's Loincloth

Cdec gold large.png Consilium de Civitate Service Medal (Gold)

Potw bronze large yael.png Picture of the Week Medal, Bronze

Novus large.png Novus

University professor large.png TWC University Professor

University bachelor large.png TWC University Bachelor's Degree

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