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Moderation Staff

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Moderation Staff
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Current Staff: View Here


Moderators ensure the Terms of Service are followed, advise the Hexagon Council (site administrators) in policy and initiative, and occasionally perform upkeep when local moderation is not available (with respect to the original content and poster). Members in good standing can volunteer and will be added if approved by a general vote of Moderators and Administrators.

Most Moderators have global access and can equally respond to questions and issues, and can point you in the right direction if they can't resolve it themselves. The department is headed by the Moderation Overseer, who can address more complicated issues and Moderation questions and is part of the Hexagon Council. Depending on the section, reports and issues may be handled locally by the relevant staff or the site administration directly.

Local moderators are not part of the site staff, and are the front line in maintaining pins and information for a local forum. If they are not available and an update is urgent, feel free to contact site moderation.

If a particular message is an issue, you can use the report feature. Otherwise, all moderators should be open to private messages. If you have a particularly sensitive request, you may wish to contact the Moderation Overseer directly or any other Administrator. If you aren't registered or want to contact the Administration in general, you can use the site contact form.

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Current Members

The current Moderators and Moderation Overseers are shown below:

For general administrative issues you can also contact any administrator. You may wish to check their recent activity before messaging for best response, or use the aforementioned contact form.

Moderator Emeritus

Moderator Emeritus are former moderators who have left office but can participate in Moderation affairs as advisors, by the discretion of the administration. The rank was created in mid 2010.

List of Moderator Emeritus

Moderator's Mace

Moderators are awarded for their service with the Moderator's Mace. They are awarded based on time served and contributions to the department. Note that in the past, maces were given directly for time served (three months, six months etc per level). In pre 2010 days the Gold mace was the highest that could be reached. More were added as service times became much longer.

Macebigbronze.png Macebigsilver.png Macebiggold.png Mod Mace Emerald.png Mod Mace Ruby.png Mod Mace Amethyst large.png
List of Holders
List of Holders
List of Holders
List of Holders
List of Holders
List of Holders


Main article: History of Total War Center

Moderation was once divided into several roles and multiple colors (an abridged visual history of colors and names can be found at Badges). This distinction has streamlined over time, and Moderation has come to be consistently colored dark blue, though portions of historic roles continue to exist today such as the Moderation Mentor text from the Senior Moderator position, the Local Moderators group resembling the old 2006 Urbanis Legio group moderating individual forums, and a 'Chief of Moderation' expanding to the Moderation Overseer(s) who are staffed as needed.

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