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User Badges

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The following shows badges used for various roles and awards, past and present on the Total War Center.


Total War Center members who hold certain staff positions or awards can choose to wear the badges associated with them. These badges have changed in appearance in order to be of a style related to various Total War games; in order of use, these were Rome: Total War, Medieval II: Total War, Empire: Total War, and most recently Total War: Rome 2.

Some of these awards, e.g.; Citizen & Patrician are defined in the TWC Constitution and awarded by the Curia

Members who hold office to perform various tasks wear badges to show their role. Officers can be divided into Curial Officers and Staff Officers.

Most Honorary Awards are now shown as Large Medals in a users profile instead of as badges.

Category Name Troy-style badge (Current) TW3K-style badge TWRII-style badge ETW-style badge MIITW-style badge RTW-style badge Old RTW-style badge
Badges Awarded by the Curia Citizen Troy Citizen.png 3K Citizen.png Citizen radadir.png 20140106035210!Citizen radadir.png Citizen.png Citizen Rome.png -
Civitate Troy Civitate.png 3K Civitate.png Civitate radadir.png ETWCivitateBadge.png Civitate.png Civitate Rome.png Civitate old Rome.jpg
Artifex Troy Artifex.png 3K Artifex.png Artifex radadir.png ETWArtifexBadge.png Artifex.png Artifex Rome.png Artifex old Rome.jpg
Honorary Awards
Opifex Awarded as a medal
see here
Awarded as a medal
see here
Awarded as a medal
see here
Awarded as a medal
see here
Opifex.png Opifex Rome.png Opifex old Rome.jpg
Phalera Awarded as a medal
see here
Awarded as a medal
see here
Awarded as a medal
see here
Awarded as a medal
see here
Phalerarahl2.png - -
Divus Awarded as a medal
see here
Awarded as a medal
see here
Awarded as a medal
see here
Awarded as a medal
see here
Divus.png Divus Rome.png Divus old Rome.png
Patrician Troy Patrician.png 3K Patrician.png PatricianR2.png Not used in this period. Not used in this period. Patrician.png Patrician old Rome.jpg
A God in Colchester Troy God in Colchester.png 3K God in Colchester.png A God in Colchester Empire.png ETWColchesterBadge.png A God in Colchester Medieval II.png - -
Stalker Troy Garb.png 3K Garb.png Garb.png ETWGarbBadge.png - - -
Curial Officers
Magistrate Troy Magistrate.png 3K Magistrate.png Magistrate radadir.png Magistrate Empire.png Magistrate Medieval II.png - -
Consul/Curator Troy Consul.png 3K Consul.png Curator radadir.png Curator Empire.png Curator.png - -
Censor Troy Censor.png 3K Censor.png Censor.png - - - -
Praefectus Troy Praefectus.png 3K Praefectus.png - - - - -
Primus Praefectus Troy Primus Praefectus.png 3K Primus Praefectus.png - - - - -
Staff Officers
Hexagon Council Administrator Troy Administrator.png 3K Administrator.png Administrator radadir.png ETWHexBadge.png Hexagon Council Administrator Medieval II.png
Council Office Administrator Rome.png Administrator old Rome.jpg
Moderator Troy Moderator.png 3K Moderator.png Moderator.png Senior moderator radadir.png
Junior moderator radadir.png
Global Moderator Medieval II.png
Senior Moderator Rome.png
Moderator Rome.png
Global Moderator old Rome.jpg
Technical Staff Troy Technical Staff.png 3K Technical Staff.png Technical staff radadir.png ETWTechStaffBadge.png Technical Staff Medieval II.png Technical Staff Rome.png -
Content Director Troy Content Director.png 3K Content Director.png Content director.png EmpireContentDirectorBadge.png Content editor rahl.png Content Editor Rome.png -
Content Staff Troy Content Staff.png 3K Content Staff.png Content writer radadir2.png Content writer radadir new.png Content Staff Medieval II.png
Content Writer Rome.png -
Gaming Director Troy Gaming Director.png 3K Gaming Director.png Gaming director.png - - - -
Gaming Staff Troy Gaming Staff.png 3K Gaming Staff.png Gaming staff.png Gaming staff2.png - - -
Tribune Troy Tribune.png 3K Tribune.png Tribune radadir.png Tribune Empire.png Tribune Medieval II.png - -
Repealed and/or merged ranks/roles
Librarian (user group merged with Content Staff) Troy Librarian.png 3K Librarian.png Librarian radadir.png Librarian radadir2.png LibrarianRahl.png - -
Content Artist (user group merged with Content Staff) Troy Content Artist.png 3K Content Artist.png Artist radadir.png Artist radadir2.png - - -
Modding Director (merged with Content/Moderation) Troy Modding Director.png 3K Modding Director.png Modding Director badge.png - - - -
Modding Staff (merged with Content/Moderation) Troy Modding Staff.png 3K Modding Staff.png Modding staff badge.png - - - -
Vault Staff (Inactive) - - Vaultstaff.png Vault.png - - -
Member - - - - - - Member old Rome.png
Senior Member - - - - - - Senior Member old Rome.jpg
Senator - - - - - Senatorii.png Senatorii old Rome.png
Speaker of the House - - - - Speaker of the house rahl.png Speaker Rome.png -
Officer Emeritus - - - - - Officer Emeritus Rome.png -
Ogre's Network Administrator - - - - - - ON Admin old Rome.jpg
TWC Staff - - - - - - TWC Staff old Rome.jpg
Consilium de Civitate - - Consilium de Civitate Empire.png ETWCdeCBadge.png - - -
Creative Assembly member - 3K CA.png Ca team radadirNEW.png CA Team Empire.png Ca team rahl.png - CA Team old Rome.jpg
Feral Interactive member - 3K Feral.png Feral badgeR2.png - - - -
Slitherine Publishing member - 3K Slitherine.png SlitherineR2.png Slitherine.png - - -
SEGA member - - - - - - SEGA old Rome.jpg

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