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The Sundance Kid

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The Sundance Kid
Ranks: Content Editor | Civitate | Citizen |
Patron: Vɛrbalcartɷnist
Patron of: Byg, Elzabar

"Some say he's a revolutionary, trying to bring down TWC and plunge the internet into chaos. Well, god dammit, I think he's not a revolutionary. I think he's a hero."

The Sundance Kid joined TWC in the summer of 2005, but did not begin participating in earnest until early 2007. It is due to this that many view him as a fairly recent member, yet he has witnessed many of the TWC upheavals from the sidelines, as it were. In late 2007 he joined the Helios publication team as a full-time Ludus reporter, which he stayed in for several months before beginning the Arts posting. In September 2008, his predecessor as Editor Scorch opted to hand the Editor's reins onto Sundance.

While editing the Helios, Sundance gave the publication its characteristic humorous introductions, gaining an amiable reputation with his reporters as a transvestite, a sexual deviant and a slave-driver. In his final 2 issues as Editor he wrote two short narratives instead of his usual introductory spiel, including himself as a dashing main character and Freddie, his then deputy-editor, as the maniacal villain. Sundance left the position of Editor just before Christmas 2008, having served for over a year on the publication, due to mounting work outside of TWC. He still contributes an editorial from time to time as one of the Helios Veterans, along with the Black Prince and Lord Rahl.

In October 2008 Sundance struck a completely unfounded friendship with Osceola, a member he had never talked to but met through another poster. They began talking and eventually set up Shambhala, the spinoff site of TWC and safe haven for members wishing to escape some of TWC's more strict rules and regulations.

In January of 2009, TSK took on his first prospective citizen applications, sponsoring Byg and Elzabar, who both unanimously passed their votes. In March of the same year he was infracted with 8 points for apparently harassing another member, despite no real evidence except the staff's opinions against him. This event caused Sundance to lose all faith in TWC ever being a fun place to visit any more.


The Sundance Kid describes himself as "flamboyant, effeminate, eccentric and weird", also noting that the acronym of which creates "feew", which he definitely believes should become a word to denote such a person. While becoming a citizen in August 2007, his posting style is relaxed, humorous and infrequently argumentative, except when he's "dealing with any of the morons in the World Alliances forum." In real life he plays the guitar and acts, which he is pursuing as a career, and played rugby for 6 years before leaving due to schoolwork in Summer 2007. He maintains he is a 'subconscious flirt', managing to flirt without realising, which means he has never been able to work out when he's doing it and thus never capitalises on it. His favourite musician is Bruce Springsteen, of whom he owns every album ever released, and listens to at least one a day.

He insists he's still cool, too.

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