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Total War: Attila Mods

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Mods for the Total War Series
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Modifications for Total War: Attila.
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Table for Total War: Attila Mods

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Sortable Table
Modification Name Info
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Type Scope Setting Mod Leader/s TWC Mod Registry Steam Download Manual Download Released/Updated Wiki Page
Rise of Mordor Aims to create an epic overhaul based on "The Lord of the Rings" with an enthralling campaign based in Middle-Earth and great detailed units, represented by the Total War: Attila graphics engine. Fantasy Mod Overhaul Middle Earth Vikus van de Merwe, Mr.Jox Entry ModDB see thread 2018-12-16 Rise of Mordor
Ancient Empires An overhaul project for both Rome 2 and Attila that will provide the player with a historically authentic and strategically challenging experience from the First Punic War through to ~100CE with a series of mini-campaigns as well as a rebalanced Grand Campaign. Historical Mod Overhaul First Punic War See thread for Team Entry See thread 2018-09-30 Ancient Empires (TWA)
Conquest: 1066 AD - Charlemagne Mod Mod converting the Age of Charlemagne dlc into the 11th century, centred on the Norman invasion of Britain, but with playable factions covering all of Europe. Historical Mod Overhaul 11111th Century Linke Google Drive See Post 2018-09-03 (Beta)
Magnar Mechanics A series of mini mods that users can mix and match to create their own custom game experience. Enhancement Game Play Original Magnar Entry See thread Various see thread 2015-03-09 Magnar Mechanics
Radious Total War Mod Complete game overhaul mod which follows all patterns of previous Radious Mods. Enhancement Overhaul Original Radious Entry See thread MediaFire see thread 2017-06-03 Radious Total War Mod
Fall of the Eagles A complete unit and battle overhaul focused on realism, historical authenticity and enjoyable gameplay. By the team who created Constantine: Rise of Christianity for Rome 2. Historical Mod Overhaul Original Dresden, 'Gunny, Ahiga Entry See thread MediaFire see thread 2016-03-30 Fall of the Eagles
Better Aggressive CAI Mod dedicated to improved campaign AI behaviour, continuing the work from Better Aggresive CAI for Rome 2. Enhancement Campaign AI Original Junaidi83 de Bodemloze Entry MediaFire / ModDB see thread 2016-04-13 Better Aggressive CAI
Europa Perdita Europa Perdita aims to provide in-depth gameplay with a host of changes and additions, bringing the epic scale of campaigns, the complexity of governments, the role of religions, and the horror of battles to your experience. Historical Mod Overhaul Original Augustusng, m_1512 Entry See thread MediaFire see thread 2016-10-21 Europa Perdita
Tuskmod Tuskmod aims to improve diversity, and balance in Attila through the expansion of existing mechanics. It also aims to be fairly modular, with several submods which allow players to customize and enhance battles however they choose. Enhancement Game Play Original WalrusJones Entry See thread Mega.co.nz see thread 2015-11-04 Tuskmod
Sharp Mod Mod aiming to provide an improved game play experience for the vanilla game. Enhancement Game Play Original SharpEyed Entry MediaFire see thread 2016-06-03 Sharp Mod
KLAssurbanipal's Unit Packs (TWA) Unit pack mod to change all units to be more historically accurate. Includes new helmets, shields, clothes and armors for increased unit diversity. Add-on Units Original KLAssurbanipal Entry Various see thread MediaFire & TWC see thread 2015-09-11 KLAssurbanipal's Unit Packs
Medieval Kingdoms Total War Planned as an epic mod transforming the game to the setting of the 1200s, with historically accurate factions including the Kingdom of England, the Ayyubid Sultanate, Kingdom of Portugal and Kievan Rus. Taking cues from the great mods of Medieval 2, MKTW plans to bring the Medieval world to life like never seen before! Historical Mod Total Conversion 11313th Century Warman222 Entry WIP Medieval Kingdoms Total War
IMPERIA ET BARBARI Mod with realistic changes to the basic game based on historical sources, where all cultures are treated on an equal level. Extensive changes to the basic game to improve campaign and battle game play. Aims to give the player a more diverse and pleasurable gaming experience. Historical Mod Overhaul Original Iutland Entry MediaFire / DepositFiles see thread 2017-04-27 IMPERIA ET BARBARI
Seven Kingdoms: Total War A complete faction and unit overhaul based on and inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones. The mod strives to accurately recreate and depict all major land forces of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros using equipment, uniforms, and general aesthetics from the series. Fantasy Mod Custom Battle Westeros Blick Mang Entry MODDB see thread 2017-06-18 Seven Kingdoms: Total War
The Dark Ages: Fall of the West An expansion on the the Dark Ages series to include the late Roman period. This new expansion will start with a base late Roman Empire military and economic system I am creating for the 356 AD update and which I will then use for other important eras including Constantine and the Tetrarchy, Diocletian and a redone vanilla 395 campaign among others. Historical Mod Series Overhaul 1044th Century Athos187 Entry See thread Google Drive see thread 2018-05-07 The Dark Ages: Fall of the West
The Dark Ages: Rise of the North The starting point for a mod series aiming to totally overhaul the Grand Campaign and all DLC Campaigns in order to tell the story of how Europe survived and then rose up out of the Dark Ages. Historical Mod Overhaul 105Dark Ages Athos187 Entry GoogleDrive (Beta v1.0) see thread 2016-10-18 The Dark Ages: Rise of the North
Kingdoms Of Westeros A Total Modification for both Campaign and Battles in total war Attila : grand campaign, Kingdoms of Westeros will bring you a unique experience that will satisfy and Game Of Thrones show watcher, ASOIF Book readers and visually appeal to any medieval fans. Set during the wars of the five kings the kingdoms of Westeros mod allows players to play as a multitude of factions Fantasy Mod Total Conversion (European Map) Westeros Gamersville101 Entry Steam Workshop 2017-02-11 (Pre-alpha) Kingdoms Of Westeros
Judex-Rex A Digital Historical Reconstruction, of the world of late antiquity, abbreviated DHRLAs. From politics, wars of conquest, geography, religion, the development of ancient technologies, trade and to interpersonal relationships! Historical Mod Overhaul 1044th century grif Entry Various see thread 2018-07-20 Judex-Rex
Make Attila Great Again Intended to be a collection of scripted mechanics to enhance the campaign experience. First release covers trading regions with the AI. Enhancement Campaign AI Original hardballer Entry See thread 2017-07-20
XAI: Attila A thorough balancing and fixing of the Attila campaign, battle AI and other and elements. XAI's other goal is to be a core improvement base mod, designed in modular fashion so that you can play or mod the game exactly the way you want. Enhancement Battle & Campaign AI Original Xeryx Entry Workshop Items Various see forum stickied threads 2017 (Various) XAI: Attila
Additional Units Mod Comprehensive unit pack mod. Add-on Units Original Swiss Halberdier Entry See thread MediaFire / ModDB see thread 2018-03-02 Additional Units Mod
Romani Units Pack Unit pack mod with 104 units for the Western Roman Empire, Eastern Roman Empire and the Roman Expedition of The last Roman DLC. With optional AOR version. Add-on Units Original Swiss Halberdier Entry See post MediaFire see post 2018-03-22
Unit Pack Compatibility Languages Project The UPC project is necessary for all languages except English, because of added custom texts to the game by modders. Most of these texts are from Unit Pack Mods, Gameplay Mods and Overhaul Mods. Without the UPC you can not see these custom unit names, descriptions and other texts if you don't use the English language version. Mod-support Languages All Swiss Halberdier Entry MediaFire see thread 2018-05-30 Unit Pack Compatibility Languages Project
Attila - Custom Battle Crash Fix Fixes crash that happens if a player uses too many Unit Pack mods together and selects for the AI any faction which has a roster which is larger than 70 vanilla or custom units. Bug-Fix Custom Battle All Swiss Halberdier Entry See thread MediaFire see thread 2016-09-06
Modification Name Hover over icon for info Type Scope Setting Mod Leader/s TWC Mod Registry Steam Download Manual Download Released / Updated Wiki Page
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