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Cultures in Medieval II

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Each faction in Medieval II: Total War belongs to one of six cultures.


The culture a faction belongs to in the Total War games determines a number of things about its appearance in the game. For instance the [general's portraits and the accents used by them and their troops are determined by their culture. The graphical user interface around the maps will also vary according to which culture you are playing, to give a 'feel' for the relevant culture.

Unlike in Rome Total War, there is no public order culture penalty for conquering region of a different culture. This makes culture essentially cosmetic. However, there are a few buildings that are only available in certain cultures, such as Race Tracks for Middle Eastern factions.

Northern European


Eastern European


Southern European


Middle Eastern



Only one faction belongs to this culture:


Only one faction belongs to this culture:

Modding Information

Which culture a faction uses is determined in Descr sm factions.txt this is alterable but there are some knock on effects that need to be considered.

It is possible to add a new culture to M2TW see this tutorial by uanime5.

Medieval 2: Britannia

In the Britannia campaign, every faction is Northern European. Notably, Religion is replaced with a Culture mechanic, and each faction has it's own culture. Culture in that campaign is essentially religion with a few tweaks, and is not the same as culture in the base game.

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