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User:Emperor Commodus

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This is a personal editing page, storing projects and through subpages, storing drafts. There have been several like it over time - they redirect here. For the user, see Emperor Commodus. Otherwise, here's a wiki introduction.

I am reasonably experienced, but a bit of a mess. Prone to sprees of on and off editing, and have done so here on TWC since I want to say 2018. Histories are weird for me because I've been under different aliases that required account changes. To be honest, it doesn't matter.

Mainly I'm interested in meta, infrastructure and information flow. It's all mumbo jumbo so let me expand:

  • Meta - Clarify information on the site; its Staff, the Wiki, the Forums and so on.
  • Infrastructure - Improve how things are laid out, set consistency and create routines for people to easily fit into.
  • Information Flow - How everything on the wiki is cross linked and found for clarity. I may 'blog' about this somewhere, at some point.

I was briefly on the Wiki Team, but have mostly shown up as a member. I find it engaging. If you have a spark, give it a shot yourself. Keep in touch with another regular (or just talk to our glorious Wiki Director) and it'll be hard for you to do wrong. Even then, mistakes happen - don't stress.

My main weaknesses are prose; it's a mess, and sometimes direction, I can go on a tangent and then possibly defeat my purpose because I got distracted. So by no means am I infallible. Never worry about coming in and cleaning up my text on pages. It's almost certainly a problem and I wrote to get something done, not because it was perfect (at all). Likewise yell at me if my direction with things makes no sense. I might have looped myself into insanity...

Directional List

The main paths I'm looking at

  • Curia
    • Rebuild info box
    • History of TWC
    • Citizenship

Note for the below sections - these are my personal interest, sometimes I will update TWC_Wiki:Help with items if they're general enough. Feel free to go for any of them if you feel you can help.

Front Burner

More immediate things to look at

Back Burner

Eventually want to get back to this