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The Graphics Workshop

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The Graphics Workshop is Total War Center's graphics sub-form which can be found within The Artists' Studio. It includes four seperate sub-forums: The Archives, used for storing posts which have past their deadline; Tutorials and Resources, the hub of all user-created tutorials and internet resources which members can view and use in order to enhance their skills; the Help Section, an area for where those who are unsure on a certain matter can have their queries answered; and Graphic Discussion & Battles were users can discuss graphic-related issues and battle against one another with their self-created work.

Like all other sub-forums, spam, flames, and other breaches of Terms of Service are not tolerated.


The idea of the workshop first arose in November, 2008, when two amateur graphic artists, Guy and Caradog (now known as Desperado), wanted to elevate the art department onto a new level. After discussions with Hex members, the go-ahead was given and a small forum was set-up for the two. This then lead to the creation of a separate public user-group which later came to be known as the Content Artists.

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