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Terms of Service

Total War Center (TWC) provides the services to you, the visitor, based on its Terms of Service (TOS) outlined here. When using the services provided by TWC, you are subject to these posted terms. Usage of the services on this site indicates acceptance of these terms. The TOS may be changed at any time and without direct notice to individual visitors, so it is recommended that you check back with this page whenever you have questions or concerns.

Registration Requirements

In order to view messages on the TWC message boards without user restrictions, no registration is required or necessary. In order to post messages on the boards, and use other advanced services, you must register with TWCenter. Provision of a valid e-mail address is recommended to permit recovery of your account should you forget your password, but it is not currently required.

TWCenter does not require you to use your real name or other identification that can be easily traced to you, and the e-mail address you provide will be kept private. In order to register on TWCenter, registrants must be 13 years of age or older. TWC does not knowingly collect any information from any users under 13 years, and if it is found that an underage user has fraudulently registered, their account will immediately be terminated.

Content Notice

By viewing the site content, you agree that all content on the TWCenter message boards is the responsibility of the person from which the content originated. You agree that neither TWCenter nor its sponsors or affiliates are responsible for all content that you personally post or upload. TWCenter does not directly control any content posted on the boards, and does not guarantee the truthfulness or quality of any content.

You agree that while using the TWCenter message boards, you may be exposed to content that is offensive or objectionable, and that you will in no way hold TWCenter nor its sponsors or affiliates liable in any way, shape, or form for any harm or loss that may come to you or others as a result of viewing this content. TWCenter is not responsible for screening content before it is posted, although an offensive language filter is installed on the system that will reject certain posts that may contain certain words deemed offensive or used most often in an offensive way.

Account Responsibility

Users are solely responsible for protecting their accounts from access by others. You are strongly encouraged to select a hard-to-guess password and not re-use that password on any other sites where it may be read by the owners or administrators of that site.

While it is acceptable for users to maintain multiple accounts on TWCenter, TWC can and does track multiple shared accounts from a single or multiple computers as one account in terms of TOS violations. If the TOS is violated severely enough to warrant the banning of one account, all known accounts shared between a single or multiple users who use the same computer may also be banned for the actions of the violating account at the administrators' discretion.

Because of this rule, it is highly recommended that board users do not share their accounts with others, nor share their computers used to access the site with others, as the actions of some other person could easily directly impact all known shared message board accounts.

Privacy and Release of Information

TWC is a non-commercial site staffed by volunteers, and cannot provide a binding guarantee of privacy to its members (except as required by law). However, we try to protect our members' privacy as far as is reasonable.

Visiting any website will expose your IP address to that website. We may store members' IP addresses indefinitely for record-keeping purposes. We may also use services such as advertisements and analytics scripts to fund the operation of the site, let us run it more effectively, or for any other reason. Visitors' IP addresses may be exposed to the providers of those services to allow them to function, and we have no control over how this information is used.

As is customary on web forums, we permit members to hotlink images and other media from other websites, for convenience and to reduce our bandwidth costs. Anyone viewing a page with a hotlinked file will necessarily have their IP address exposed to whatever site hosts the file. All of the foregoing also applies to other possibly identifying information, such as User-Agent strings.

Users must be logged into a TWC account to edit the Wiki.

TWC uses cookies for a variety of purposes. Cookies are necessary to allow users to log in to the forum and the wiki. They are also used to compile publicly-viewable statistics such as "Who's Online", to allow moderators to track violators of the rules, and possibly for a variety of other purposes. Browsers will typically accept cookies by default from any site they request content from, so any site that a TWC page includes content from might also set cookies.

Some information (for instance, e-mail address) is deliberately submitted by members and is not publicly viewable. This information may be kept indefinitely, but will not normally be given out to third parties or posted publicly. Sending e-mail using the forum or wiki might reveal the sender's e-mail address to the recipient.

TWC does not normally send unsolicited bulk e-mail. Automated or bulk e-mails are normally sent only to members who have opted in to thread subscriptions or other features. Members may opt out of these features by altering their forum preferences or wiki preferences. Moderators and administrators may send personalized, non-bulk e-mail to members on occasion regardless of preferences.

Users who would like a greater degree of privacy should configure their browser appropriately. Some popular browsers can be configured not to accept cookies without confirmation, not to save cookies for some sites, not to load files from some sites, etc. Users who disable features of their browser might not be able to fully use the site (e.g., some cookies are necessary to allow login).

Modding Permissions Policy

Modders/Mod Teams who use TWC as a medium to promote or share their work are asked to provide a permissions statement. This must state whether and under what conditions permission to use their work in another mod would be granted if it is not possible to contact them. Where such a statement is provided then the Hexagon Council/Moderation will enforce it. Staff recognises however that not all modders or mod teams have such a statement, but may still be uncontactable. If the following conditions are met and the original Modder/Mod Team does not deny permission, use of that work will not lead to further action:

  • Those requesting permission to use the work of another must show the Hexagon Council/Moderation that they have attempted to contact the original modder/mod team themselves and have not been answered.
  • The original modder/mod team has been inactive on TWC for at least 2 years.
  • Hex are satisfied that if the original modder/mod team were present that permission would have been given.

Use of work without receiving permission and without meeting the above conditions is liable to penalisation as detailed in the Member Conduct section below.

Moderator Discretion

The list following below is intended to cover all ToS violations, but it is naturally impossible to include examples of every single possible variation. Therefore moderator discretion will be exercised and moderating action should be expected where and when moderators deem appropriate, that might not exactly correspond to any of the following violation categories.

Member Conduct

You agree that you will not use any aspect of this service including -but not limited to- the wiki, blogs, social groups, tags, visitor messages and private messages, to perform the following actions:

  1. Image Size Violation (1 point)

    Members may not post .gif images of a size that exceeds 1.5 MB.

    Members may not use signatures where the total size in bytes of all signature images combined is more than 250 KB.

  2. Off-topic Posting (1, 2 or 4 points)

    Topicality is expected and will be enforced on all forums, so take the extra time to post on the proper forum. Examples of off-topic posting include, but are not limited to:

    • Threads that are not related to the topic of the forum in question, or that contain no material that can reasonably be discussed
    • Posts that are not related to the topic of the thread in question, or that contain no material that can reasonably be discussed
    • Re-posting threads that you know have already been posted elsewhere
    • Outside of the Administrative Forums, personal references, whether implicit or explicit, are off-topic. Personal references of a negative or derogatory nature and statements that disrupt the discussion, regardless of intent, will be singled out in particular.
    • Any quote of another member in a signature has to be fully referenced by use of a link to the quoted post and not be edited as to blatantly misrepresent the wording of the quoted member.
    • Unsolicited advertisement for any website, product, service, funding request or facility not first approved by TWC staff
    • Patreon and PayPal links will be allowed in signatures, the first post of a mod thread, or in a sticky in a Hosted Mod forum.

    You can advertise websites, products, etc., in your signature, avatar, or other profile fields, as long as you post productively and don't just try to get exposure for your advertisements. Recommendation of websites, products, or other resources are also allowed if relevant to legitimate discussions.

  3. Censor Bypassing (1 or 2 points)

    Attempting to bypass the censor by misspelling, inserting spaces or symbols, transposing letters, using look-alike symbols, or any other method is not allowed. For example, if "gris" is a banned word:

    • Not allowed: g-r-i-s, gr*s, g***, 9|-1$, girs, gryeeeas, grizznizz, **** (rhymes with "bris")
    • Allowed: ****, ****ed, ****ing, g'ed, g-word

    Prohibited words may not be used in images. If external websites or videos use prohibited words, you can link to them or embed them only if you post a warning alongside the link/video.

  4. Hard-to-Read Posts (1 or 2 points)

    Posts that disrupt the message boards for other users, intentional or not, are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited, to:

    • Conducting conversations in languages other than English. The exception is in forums explicitly designated for a specific language other than English.
    • Posting excessively in capital letters, leet speak, or other hard-to-read writing styles
    • Using misleading topic titles
    • Consecutive posting. (I.e., double posts, triple posts)
  5. Contempt of Court (variable)

    This infraction is given for violations that occur within the Tribunal. It is given by administrators at the request of the Tribunes. The infraction forfeits use of the Tribunal for one month and cannot be appealed. Points vary based on the specific violation that incurs the Contempt of Court infraction

  6. Disruptive Posting (1, 3, or 6 Points)

    Any post(s) designed to disrupt the flow of conversation, radically change the topic of the thread or elicit a response that violates these Terms of Service.

  7. Defying Moderators (1, 3, or 6 Points)

    Any action that disregards a staff moderator's specific request, whether the request is made by a post in the thread, by PM to the user, or by other means such as, but not limited to, forum Announcements. The requests can be, but are not limited to:

    • Re-posting content (text, images, video, etc) that was previously removed by a moderator
    • Re-posting a thread on a topic that was previously closed by a moderator
    • Ignoring a thread warning made by a moderator
    • Taking action that has previously been warned against by a moderator
    • Refusing to follow reasonable directives pertaining to moderation
  8. Insulting Others (1, 3, or 6 points)

    Posts clearly insulting other board members, individually or as a group, directly or indirectly, are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Name-calling ("You're an idiot", "You moron")
    • Direct insults ("Screw you")
    • Offensive orders ("Go kill yourself", "Shut up")
    • Using threatening, harassing, defamatory, hate-speech, or libelous language
    • Using race, religion, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, disability, nationality, or gender as a means of insult, either directly or implied
    • Insinuations ("Are you stupid or something?") or insults towards family ("Your mom...")

    Instead, members should criticize the post, not the poster.

  9. Obscene Content (1, 3, 6, or 12 points)

    Obscene content is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to:

    1. Providing images, videos, or verbal descriptions of nudity. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Any figure whose genitals, pubic hair, buttocks, or (if female) nipples or areolas are exposed, partially or totally; or are not exposed, but it's clear that this is only because of the angle of the shot or incidental intervening objects (e.g., hands, hair, bits of cloth).
    • Visible outlines of genitals or female nipples through clothing.
    • Anything that falls narrowly outside the previous provisions, at the discretion of the moderators.
    • Verbally describing or providing image, video, or audio files that represent or hint at sexual acts. Passing references may be acceptable, but descriptions that are graphic or include any details are not permitted.

    This applies to photographs, drawings, or any other representation of humanoid figures. It may also apply to non-humanoid figures such as animals, at the discretion of the moderators. Nudity may be permitted for serious and non-titillating purposes, such as the exhibition of recognized art or historical models in modifications, at the discretion of the moderators.

    2. Providing images, videos, or verbal descriptions of an unreasonably disgusting nature. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Excrement and other obscene example of bodily functions.
    • Real-world violence and extreme gore, including executions and the dead or wounded of armed conflict.
    • Extreme virtual or imagined violence.

    Links may not be posted for the purpose of providing obscene content. If a website incidentally includes some reasonably obscene content, it's acceptable to link to it for some other purpose as long as a clear warning is given. Similarly, if content incidentally includes some reasonably obscene content, it's acceptable to include it in a post for some other purpose, as long as a clear warning is given and the reader must actively click a button to view it (e.g., spoiler boxes or YouTube videos).

    Excessively obscene content, particularly porn and extreme gore, is still not allowed to be posted or linked to in any fashion. The distinction between acceptable and excessive obscenity is at the discretion of the moderators. As always, if you are not sure, ask a moderator.

  10. Using Modders' Work Without Permission (1, 3, or 6 points)

    Using part or all of any modification without permission is prohibited. Distributing part or all of any modification is prohibited if:

    • it is distributed exclusively via Steam and the author has not given express permission to create non-steam mirrors.
    • the author(s) has expressly forbidden its further distribution.
    • there is no proper and full accreditation of the author(s).

    Alternate mirrors are permitted for authorised uploads as long as full credit is given to the author(s).

  11. Evading a Suspension (1, 3, or 6 points)

    Suspended or banned users must not create or use additional accounts. Users banned from a particular activity (such as posting visitor messages, posting in a particular forum, etc.) must not use any other account to perform that activity. In addition to the normal penalties, the user's ban may be extended, and the additional account they made will be banned indefinitely.

  12. Impersonation (1 or 4 points)

    • Falsely claiming to be another specific message board member or other known individual or holding a rank to which you are not entitled (moderator, administrator, Creative Assembly employee, or any type of staff member), or sockpuppeting is not allowed.
    • Impersonating others by claiming their intellectual effort as your own is prohibited, as is failing to properly reference it. As such, all material must be sourced with a link and/or [quote][/quote] tags.
    • While the use of alternative accounts is permissible, the misuse of such accounts (such as but not limited to self-repping, multi-voting in polls et.c.) will carry an additional penalty commensurate with the offense (loss of rep etc).

    Moderators may use discretion in enforcing this against impersonations that are clearly not serious and so unlikely to fool anyone.

  13. Promoting Illegal Activities (1, 4, or 8 points)

    Posts that promote violation of the law are not allowed. Violation of the law includes, but is not limited to:

    • Substantial use of copyrighted material without permission. Examples of acceptable uses would be brief quotes, fan art, signature/avatar images, brief video clips (e.g., YouTube), screenshots, or reasonably limited decorative images in a mod. Unacceptable uses would include entire songs, pirated operating systems, unmodified game files (except those released by the developers themselves, for example converted .bin files released by CA for M2TW) that are not essential parts of modifications or anything that competes with the work you're copying (i.e., people might just download your copy instead of buying the original). The exact threshold of substantial use will be decided on a case-by-case basis ― if in doubt, consult Moderation Staff.
    • Obtaining or providing ways to circumvent copy protection.
    • Cheating in online games, or otherwise violating license agreements.
    • Possessing, distributing, or using drugs in a way that would be illegal in most jurisdictions (e.g., owning marijuana).

    "Promoting" illegal activity includes, but is not limited to:

    • Asking for someone else to commit an illegal activity (e.g., asking for a cracked game).
    • Assisting someone else in an illegal activity (e.g., linking to a site that distributes cracked games).
    • Encouraging or advocating an illegal activity, or portraying it as normal or acceptable (e.g., casually mentioning that you have committed theft/smoked pot/etc. as though this were normal and acceptable). Exceptions will be made for threads that are devoted to serious discussion of illegal activities in an abstract sense (e.g., about whether copyright law should be relaxed or marijuana should be legalized), on a case-by-case basis.

    What exactly qualifies as illegal depends on jurisdiction. When jurisdictions differ on whether something is legal, moderators will decide on a case-by-case basis which jurisdiction to follow.

  14. Harassment or Invasion of Privacy (1, 4, or 8 points)

    • Continual harassing behavior directed towards a certain individual or group with the intent of creating an intimidating, offensive, or hostile environment on the boards, with or without use of explicit or implicit threats is prohibited.
    • Information about members that is subject to TWC access restrictions is considered private and may not be shared where these access restrictions are not implemented without the consent of the concerned member.
    • Non-public information about members of TWC obtained from other platforms is considered private and may not be shared on TWC without the consent of the concerned member.
    • Official communication between designated departmental members and the general membership is exempted.
  15. Inappropriate Content in Blogs or Blog Comments

    Some content is not appropriate for blogs and blog comments. If you have a blog, or if you post comments on any blogs, you must follow these rules, which will be applied strictly:

    • no religion
    • no politics
    • no content which breaks any other part of TWC's Terms of Service (please note that this means all content must be family friendly).

    Anyone who breaks these rules will lose the ability to post blogs and also the ability to post comments on blogs, and their blog will be deleted. Appeals to the Tribunal will have no effect on this decision - this is a purely administrative matter and the decision will be made by the site administrators.

  16. Other

    Any activity not previously outlined but still deemed detrimental to the operation of the site, normal activities of the board and flow of conversation may be subject to moderation. Users responsible for these posts may be penalized at the discretion of the Hexagon council and the Moderation branch.

Violations of the Terms of Service

Violations of the Terms of Service are tracked using the Infraction System, which allows moderators to record transgressions in a reliable and centralized fashion. All such records are viewable in the user's profile to Administrators, Moderators, Tribunes and the user in question only.


Notes are given when the actions of a member require Moderation to officially contact them regarding a violation. They are a formal record of that contact and do not increase a member's Infraction Level in and of themselves, however further violations of the same type would lead to Infractions at Moderation's Discretion. They are recorded both to let other moderators know that the user has been informed of the particular rule, and to give the user a record of all contacts with moderators they have had.


Infractions are given when a member commits an offense of a type for which they have already received a Note, or if the offense was deemed sufficiently great that Moderation do not consider a Note to be appropriate. Infractions expire after three months and contribute toward a member's Infraction Level. The number of points given for a particular offense is down to Moderation's Discretion. The possible values are given next to each offense type listed in the Member Conduct section.

Infraction Levels

Infraction Levels lead to penalties as follows:

3 Ability to view social groups and leave visitor messages removed
4 Can neither give nor display reputation
5 No posting in the Discussion & Debate Forums
8 Suspension for 1 day and no custom title or invisible mode
12 Suspension for 3 days and cannot use avatar/signature/profile picture
16 Suspension for 7 days and placement in probation in addition to a permanent resetting of the user's reputation points to 0
20 Suspension for 30 days along with all of the above penalties.

Penalties last until the Infraction Level is reduced below the specified number of points unless otherwise specified. Release from probation is at Moderation's discretion.

TWC's Probation System

If a user is a repeat offender they may be entered into the probation system, following discussion amongst Moderation Staff. A user will be put on probation automatically if they receive 20 infraction points over the course of 12 months or reach 16 active infraction points at any time.

How it works

  • If a user violates the terms of their probation, it results in a suspension, from one day to a month or more.
  • Subsequent suspensions during a probation period may increase in length.
  • The length of probation period is decided by Moderation Staff and is usually no shorter than three months.
  • A user on probation will have their case reviewed periodically, which may result in the user's removal from probation at the discretion of Moderation Staff.
  • The user in question is made fully aware of the rules and function of the system.
  • A user on probation will receive a "Probation" note, which will be reversed when the user is removed from probation.

And what about the "permaban"?

The permaban is normally reserved for cases of spambots and posting porn.

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