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Liu Biao

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Liu Biao
Liu biao.png
Name: Liu Biao
Game: Total War: Three Kingdoms
Culture: Han
Starting Faction: The Liu Clan of Xiangyang
Faction Leader: Yes
Style Name:Jingsheng
Title:General Who Guards the South,

Governor of Jing,

Marquis of Chengwu

Liu Biao is one of the 12 playable starting warlords in the Total War: Three Kingdoms grand campaign.

Historical Background

Born in Shanyang Commandery, Yan Province, in 142AD, Liu Biao was a decedent of Emperor Jing of Former Han through Liu Yu, Prince of Huaiyang. He interned under a civil servant as a young man and eventually became a bureaucrat himself under Emperor Huan. However, he got involved in factional politics on the side of the reformists and was one of whose career was destroyed in a purge by the eunuch faction. He returned home and lived something of a quiet life until the Yellow Turban Rebellion opened the door for him to redeem himself. He was put on the staff of General-in-Chief He Jin as Captain of the Center of the Northern Army, the primary liaison between the General-in-Chief and the colonels who ran the professional Han army. Eventually, He Jin was killed by the eunuchs, and Liu Biao was one of many former soldiers brought under the wing of Dong Zhuo, who apparently took a liking to him, because he made him Governor of Jing Province.

Jing Province was half held by the "loyal rebels" and half held by bandits. Liu Biao snuck his way into Xiangyang with his brother-in-law Cai Mao and set up shop. He managed to win the support of the administrators of north-central Jing and the local gentry, bought off Yuan Shu by ignoring his occupation of Nanyang commandery in the north, and killed off several bandit leaders from the south to solidify his hold on area. However, Dong Zhuo was assassinated, and the remaining warlords began fragmenting into factions. Liu Biao paid some lip service to the new imperial regime in Chang'an under Li Jue, but his more valuable alliance came with Yuan Shao, Governor of Ji. This caused a conflict with Yuan Shu, who sent his subordinate Sun Jian to attack Liu Biao. Liu Biao sent his own general, Huang Zu to face him, and while Huang Zu lost in the field, Sun Jian was killed in an ambush and the danger passed. Liu Biao then set about securing his borders, fighting a brief war with Liu Zhang of Yi Province, defeating Zhang Ji's attack on Nanyang and then giving it to his nephew Zhang Xiu to defend, pacifying the rebellious southern commanderies of Jing, and contesting the east with Sun Jian's son, Sun Ce.

Eventually his western and southern fronts settled, but his northern and eastern front did not. Zhang Xiu had joined Cao Cao and helped him crush Liu Biao's old ally, Yuan Shao, and Sun Ce's brother, Sun Quan, began launching major attacks on Huang Zu in Jiangxia. Around this time, Liu Biao took in Liu Bei, once again a wandering mercenary with a large following, and stationed him at Xinye, one of his last strongholds in Nanyang. He needed the men. Cao Cao was mopping up the Yuan family and sending his generals on probing strikes south, while Sun Quan was making great progress against Huang Zu. Just as Cao Cao began his southern offensive, Sun Quan succeeded in killing Huang Zu and taking Jiangxia. Liu Biao's eldest son, Liu Qi, requested to take Huang Zu's place to get away from Xiangyang as he was disfavored compared to his younger brother Liu Cong, who was connected by marriage to the Cai family. Liu Biao agreed, but took ill shortly after and died, in 208AD. With Liu Qi not around, Liu Cong inherited Jing Province and immediately surrendered to Cao Cao.

Start Location

Liu Biao starts as the faction leader of The Liu Clan of Xiangyang, in Xiangyang Commandery. He has two vassals, Huang Zu and Cai Mao.

Start Overview


  • Gentleman of the Han


  • Scholarly:
  • Indecisive:
  • Clever


Liu Biao starts as close friends with Huang Zhong, one of his historical subordinates. His eldest son Liu Qi is already of age, and his younger son, Liu Cong, is in his family tree.

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