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Liu Qi

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Liu Qi
Name: Liu Qi
Game: Total War: Three Kingdoms
Culture: Han
Starting Faction: The Liu Clan of Xiangyang
Faction Leader: No
Title:Inspector of Jing

Liu Qi is a character in the Total War: Three Kingdoms grand campaign.

Historical Background

The eldest son of Liu Biao, Liu Qi was unfortunately not favored by family politics, as his younger brother, Liu Cong, had married the niece of Lady Cai, their father’s second wife. The powerful Cai family therefore backed Liu Cong as the heir despite Liu Qi’s seniority. Fearing for his position and his life, Liu Qi asked for advice from Zhuge Liang, who told him to leave his father’s capitol and build up his strength elsewhere. Therefore, upon the death of Huang Zu in 208AD, Liu Qi requested to take his place as the Administrator of Jiangxia. This didn’t achieve the results Liu Qi expected however. When his father became ill later that year, Liu Qi was barred from seeing him by his younger brother and the Cai family.

Liu Biao ultimately died and Liu Cong became heir with little resistance in Xiangyang. However, Liu Cong immediately surrendered to an advancing Cao Cao, which allowed Liu Qi to become a beacon for those in Jing who opposed surrender, including the famous Liu Bei. The two of them combined forces and went to Sun Quan to propose an alliance, which was ultimately successful in driving away Cao Cao at Chibi. Liu Qi was then selected as the new Inspector of Jing Province by Liu Bei and Sun Quan. The reconquest of most of central and southern Jing went smoothly, but Liu Qi fell ill in Jiangxia not long after and died in 209AD. Liu Bei succeeded him, though he took the post of governor, rather than inspector.

Start Location

Liu Qi starts as the faction heir of The Liu Clan of Xiangyang, in Xiangyang Commandery.

Start Overview




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