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Xiahou Dun

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Xiahou Dun
Xiahou dun.png
Name: Xiahou Dun
Game: Total War: Three Kingdoms
Culture: Han
Starting Faction: The Cao Clan of Qiao
Faction Leader: No
Style Name:Yuanrang
Title:General in Chief, Marquis of Gao'an

Xiahou Dun, is a unique character in Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Historical Background

From the same county as Cao Cao, and possibly a relative, Xiahou Dun was one of the first to join Cao Cao when he was raising an army for the campaign against Dong Zhuo. Following Cao Cao's settling in Yan province, Xiahou Dun ended up on the frontlines of the first war against Lu Bu, during which he was famously shot in the eye.

He was often made administrator of war ravaged or rebellious territory near the core of Wei in order to put them to order, and was well liked and respected by both gentry and peasants alike. He gained a reputation for being both humble and hardworking, often doing manual labor aside the peasantry. He was so successful that not only were there no rebellions, but even when floods or droughts happened, agricultural production only increased. Eventually, he was put in charge of the capitol region of Henan, and later was put in charge of the armies on the Wu front to keep Sun Quan at bay while Cao Cao was dealing with Liu Bei in the west.

Despite not having the best military record, being defeated by Lu Bu's forces several times and even losing to Liu Bei once, Xiahou Dun was one of Cao Cao's most trusted officers due to his loyalty and leadership abilities. Not only did Cao Cao give him authority to act independently of the imperial court, but he also allowed him permission to ride in Cao Cao's carriage and call on him without an appointment or being searched. He rose to eventually become the the highest ranked general in the Wei army, General of the Front, before Cao Cao's death. After this, Cao Pi raised him even higher, to General-in-Chief, formally putting all armies of Wei under his command. He died a few months later, in 220AD.

Start Location

Xiahou Dun starts as an officer of The Cao Clan of Qiao.

Start Overview



  • Reckless: -5 Cunning, +10 Instinct, -10% chance of evading capture post-battle, -1 mustering turns (armies in administered commandery), -5 public order (administered commandery), +10% speed; Resents Discipline
  • Firey: +10 Instinct, -5 Authority, +10% melee damage; Accepts Impulsiveness
  • Dutiful: -5 Instinct, +10 Authority, Reduced penalty from desire for higher office, +10 Satisfaction; Focuses on Duty


Xiahou Dun starts as close friends with Cao Cao, his historical cousin.

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