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Zhang Fei

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Zhang Fei
Zhang fei.png
Name: Zhang Fei
Game: Total War: Three Kingdoms
Culture: Han
Starting Faction: The Liu Clan of Zhuo
Faction Leader: No
Style Name:Yide
Title:General of Chariots and Cavalry, Colonel-Director of Retainers, Marquis of Xi

Zhang Fei is a unique character in the Total War: Three Kingdoms grand campaign.

Historical Background

From Zhuo Commandery in You like Liu Bei, Zhang Fei joined Liu Bei during the Yellow Turban Rebellion along with Guan Yu. The three of them were inseparable, said to be like brothers, and he and Guan Yu followed Liu Bei through all the northern rebellions and the coalition against Dong Zhuo. After Liu Bei succeeded Tao Qian as Governor of Xu province, Lu Bu came to take refuge with them and a war with Yuan Shu started not long after. While Liu Bei and Guan Yu were on the frontlines to the south, Zhang Fei was left in charge of Xiapi, whereupon his famous temper caused him to mistreat his men, who turned on him and turned Xiapi over to Lu Bu. It was the first of many incidents where he would be undone by his anger.

Zhang Fei rejoined Liu Bei, and eventually they retook Xiapi, but lost it to Cao Cao when they attempted to turn on him. He followed Liu Bei for several years after that, eventually ending up in Xinye in Jing province, serving under Liu Biao. When Liu Biao died and his son Liu Cong surrendered to Cao Cao, Liu Bei and his men were forced to flee south while being pursued by Cao Cao, leading to the Battle of Changban. During this battle, Zhang Fei made his famous stand, where he destroyed the bridges across the Han river and with twenty horsemen challenged all of Cao Cao's cavalry to face him. None did, either of fear of him or fear of an ambush, and the delaying action allowed Liu Bei to get away. He went on to fight in the Battle of Chibi and the initial reconquest of Jing province.

During the conquest of Yi province, Zhang Fei led a army to break Liu Zhang's defensive lines to the south, conquering all the way up to the provincial capitol of Chengdu. He was made Administrator of Ba Commandery and then took part in the Hanzhong campaign. During this campaign, he divided and destroyed an army invading Ba under Zhang He, but when on the offensive the next year, his attempt to misdirect Cao Hong and Cao Xiu was seen through and his army was expelled from Hanzhong until Liu Bei arrived with reinforcements the following year. Right after this ended, Guan Yu was killed by Wu and Jing province taken. Before he could join the punitive expedition against Sun Quan, Zhang Fei's subordinates assassinated him (probably due to his mistreatment of them) and defected to Sun Quan, bringing his head with them in 221AD.

Start Location

Zhang Fei starts as an officer of The Liu Clan of Zhuo

Start Overview




Zhang Fei starts as close friends with his "oath brothers" Liu Bei and Guan Yu.

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