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Units (TW3K)

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List of Units

Sortable Table
Name Type Weight Element Faction Reform/Tech Other
Ji Militia Halberd Infantry Light Wood
Ji Infantry Halberd Infantry Medium Wood Ever-Level Granaries
Heavy Ji Infantry Halberd Infantry Heavy Wood Agricultural Garrisons
Spear Guard Spear Infantry Medium Wood
Heavy Spear Guard Spear Infantry Heavy Wood
Spear Warriors Spear Infantry Medium Wood Government Tool Distribution
Peasant Band Spear Infantry Light Wood Agricultural Tax Relief
Azure Dragons Hybrid Infantry Heavy Wood Feudal Magnates
Protectors of Heaven Glaive Infantry Heavy Wood Emperor Only
Sabre Militia Sword Infantry Light Metal
Sabre Infantry Sword Infantry Medium Metal Office of Arts & Crafts
Jian Sword Guard Sword Infantry Medium Metal
Axe Band Axe Infantry Light Metal Slave Mobilisation
Pearl Dragons Glaive Infantry Light Metal State Blast Furnaces
Yellow Dragons Axe Infantry Light Metal Mandate of Heaven
Archer Militia Bow Infantry Light Water
Archers Bow Infantry Medium Water Private Tutors
Crossbowmen Crossbow Infantry Medium Water
Heavy Crossbowmen Crossbow Infantry Heavy Water
Repeating Crossbowmen Crossbow Infantry Medium Water Liu Bo
Heavy Repeating Crossbowmen Crossbow Infantry Heavy Water Weiqi
Onyx Dragons Bow Infantry Light Water Silk Road Expeditions
Defenders of Earth Bow Infantry Medium Water Emperor Only
Mounted Archers Bow Cavalry Medium Water Strategic Fortresses
Mounted Crossbows Crossbow Cavalry Medium Water Divine Manipulation of Threads
Heavy Mounted Archers Bow Cavalry Heavy Water Swiftness is the Key
Peasant Raiders Spear Cavalry Light Fire Convict Drafts
Raider Cavalry Spear Cavalry Light Fire
Mounted Lancer Militia Halberd Cavalry Light Fire
Lance Cavalry Halberd Cavalry Medium Fire Retainer Armies
Jade Dragons Spear Cavalry Heavy Fire Hierarchical Enfeoffments
Cataphracts Spear Cavalry Heavy Fire Shock Warfare
Heavy Cataphracts Spear Cavalry Heavy Fire Barded Mounts
Mounted Sabre Militia Sword Cavalry Light Earth
Sabre Cavalry Sword Cavalry Medium Earth Regular Palace Attendants
Jian Sword Guard Cavalry Sword Infantry Medium Earth
Trebuchet Artillery Light Water
Xiliang Cavalry Spear Cavalry Medium Fire Zhou
Heavy Xiliang Cavalry Spear Cavalry Heavy Fire Zhou
Tiger and Leopard Cavalry Spear Cavalry Medium Fire Wei
Heavy Tiger and Leopard Cavalry Spear Cavalry Heavy Fire Wei
White Horse Fellows Bow Cavalry Medium Water Yan
White Horse Raiders Bow Cavalry Light Water Yan
Mercenary Infantry Sword Infantry Medium Metal Wu
Mercenary Archers Bow Infantry Light Water Wu
Mercenary Cavalry Spear Cavalry Medium Fire Wu
Qiang Marauders Spear Cavalry Medium Fire Liang
Qiang Hunters Bow Cavalry Medium Water Liang
Qiang Raiders Sword Cavalry Medium Earth Liang
Black Mountain Marauders Axe Infantry Light Metal Heishan
Black Mountain Outlaws Spear Infantry Light Wood Heishan
Black Mountain Hunters Bow Infantry Light Water Heishan
Fury of Beihai Crossbow Infantry Light Water Qi
Thunder of Jian'an Crossbow Infantry Medium Water Qi
Infantry of Jing Spear Infantry Medium Wood Chu
Imperial Defenders Spear Infantry Heavy Wood Chu
Rapid Tiger Infantry Sword Infantry Medium Metal Zhong
Warriors of the Left Sword Infantry Heavy Metal Zhong
Warriors of Ye Halberd Infantry Medium Wood Song
Defenders of Hebei Halberd Infantry Heavy Wood Song
Hidden Axes Axe Infantry Light Metal Tai
Fists of the Bandit Queen Axe Infantry Medium Metal Tai
Yi Archers Bow Infantry Light Water Shu-Han
Yi Marskmen Bow Infantry Medium Water Shu-Han
Name Type Weight Element Faction Reform/Tech Other

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