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Ma Teng

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Ma Teng
Ma teng.png
Name: Ma Teng
Game: Total War: Three Kingdoms
Culture: Han
Starting Faction: The Ma Clan of Liang
Faction Leader: Yes
Style Name:Shoucheng
Title:General Who Conquers the West,

Commandant of the Guards,

Marquis of Huaili

Ma Teng is one of the 12 playable starting warlords in the Total War: Three Kingdoms grand campaign.

Historical Background

From Fufeng Commandery in Liang Province, Ma Teng was the son of Ma Ping, a former minor official who was dismissed from his post and left to live with the Qiang people on the western frontier, one of whom he married. Ma Teng therefore grew up mostly destitute on the frontier with the Qiang. In 184AD a minor insurgency started by Qiang bands further along the frontier was joined by a large mutiny of the Qiang and Yuezhi soldiers in the Auxiliary of Loyal Barbarians from Huangzhong, the situation in Liang Province grew into open rebellion and the Han provincial government began putting together a defense force. Ma Teng volunteered for the army as a regular soldier, but quickly rose to the rank of Major. Court politics and military incompetence resulted in the defeat of the imperial armies, and after the death of the governor, Geng Bi, Ma Teng defected to the rebels along with his command.

Ma Teng quickly became a major rebel leader, joining such men as Han Sui, Song Jian, and overall commander Wei Guo. This shifted the rebellion from a non-Chinese to Chinese led affair which now controlled all of Liang province. The rebels laid siege to Chencang in 188AD, hoping to break through to the western imperial capitol of Chang'an. However, this time, an imperial army under Huangfu Song and Dong Zhuo, two of the best generals in the imperial army, defeated and scattered the rebels. Ma Teng and Han Sui sacked Wei Guo, and after his replacement died, Ma Teng and Han Sui were left on their own. However, the coups in Luoyang prevented any coordinated imperial attempt to retake Liang, and when Dong Zhuo came to power, he offered the rebels an olive branch and titles if they'd fight for him, which they accepted.

Dong Zhuo was eventually defeated and then assassinated by Lu Bu. The Liang warlords continued to support Dong Zhuo's successors, but all sides soon feel into conflict. Ma Teng and Han Sui allied with Liu Yan, governor of Yi Province, and attempted to take Chang'an from Li Jue, Guo Si, and Fan Chou. They were defeated and forced to return to Liang. Ma Teng and Han Sui soon had a falling out as well, and went to war with each other over Liang province. Eventually, Cao Cao, fresh off his victory at Guandu, brokered a peace between the two and had them support his troops in their pacification of the capitol region against the agents of the Yuan family. Following this, Ma Teng was summoned to Ye to be Commandant of the Guards, a prestigious court position that he reportedly asked for in order to get away Han Sui, effectively also becoming a hostage for his soldiers in Liang.

Ma Teng's son Ma Chao formed an alliance with Han Sui in 211AD and started a rebellion against Cao Cao, going so far as to informally adopt Han Sui as his father, thereby disowning Ma Teng as such at the same time. Their rebel alliance was defeated decisively at The Battle of Huayin (aka Tong Pass) though they continued uncoordinated fighting for years. In response, Emperor Xian sentenced Ma Teng and his family to death, and he was executed in 212AD.

Start Location

Ma Teng starts as the faction leader of The Ma Clan of Liang, in Wudu Commandery.

Start Overview


  • Protector of the West


  • Careless: +3 Expertise, +3 Instinct, -15% Chance of Avoiding Ambush, Accepts Carelessness
  • Cruel: +3 Instinct, +3 Authority, -4 Public Order (factionwide if prime minister, heir, or faction leader), +5 military supplies, +10% Income from Peasantry (factionwide if prime minister, heir, or faction leader)
  • Loyal: +3 Expertise, +3 Instinct, Reduced Penalty for Desire for Higher Office, +10 Satisfaction, Decrease Ambition to Gain Independence as Administrator, Focuses on Family


Ma Teng starts with his son, Ma Chao, in his family tree. He is friends with his old comrade, Han Sui

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