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Building Chains (TW3K)

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Total War: Three Kingdoms has a range of Building Chains that can be constructed in Commanderies and Regions on the Campaign Map. Major factions have variants on some of the chains giving them unique buildings and advantages.

For details of individual buildings see the buildings table here.

Because the number of available building slots is restricted in each Commandery most players will opt to specialise construction, so one Commandery will mainly produce food, another will concentrate on industry and income multipliers for that.

Some buildings are required to enable reforms, these buildings can be constructed and then demolished after the reform is learnt to free up a building slot (or to avoid the public order penalty in the case of the Rural Tax Collector).

This wiki page is a work in progress, we aim to develop it to make it easy to find answers to questions such as "How do I unlock Industrialists, Artisans and Entrepreneurs?"

Three Kingdoms Building Chains - Commandery

Settlement Administration

This building chain is effectively the city level of the commandery. The progression of 10 buildings takes the settlement from Small Town to Imperial City and increases prestige, population capacity, food consumption, income from peasantry, income from commerce, reserve capacity, building slots, battlemap defences and garrison.

Economic Buildings

Part of the Metal Wu Xing, these buildings reduce the construction cost of Learning & Market Buildings.


Focus on population growth.

  • Level three unlocks the Slave Mobilisation reform which gives -1 building construction time faction-wide.
  • Branch at level four allows a choice between higher population growth or the addition of a % gain on industry income. The higher growth option unlocks artisans, the industry income side unlocks industrialists but requires iron and salt resources.

State Workshops

Focus on industry income.

  • Chain branches at level three with the option to choose the Currency Inspector Office, Coin Maker & Grand Treasury Mint levels that help negate corruption.
  • The Coin Maker and Grand Treasury Mint are especially useful for factions controlling a lot of regions as the corruption negation applies to adjacent commanderies, but those two buildings require the copper resource.
  • The alternative branch gives higher industry income and unlocks the industrialists resource at level four.

Private Workshops

Enhances industry and commerce income.

  • Gives percentage multiplier on commerce and industry income.
  • Level four unlocks the artisans resource.
  • Chain branches at level five with Master Lacquerware Artisans giving higher income multipliers but requiring the lumber resource.

Agriculture Buildings

Part of the Wood Wu Xing, these buildings reduce the construction cost of Military Buildings.

Government Support

Support peasantry income and food production. Branches at level three for either higher food production or higher peasantry income.

Land Development

Focus on peasantry income. Branches at level three to either increase food production or sell food in return for high peasantry income. The food selling line branches again at level five with the higher income building requiring Livestock and Entrepreneurs resources.

Grain Storage

Increases reserve storage capacity.

Learning & Market Buildings

Part of the Water Wu Xing, these buildings reduce the construction cost of Agriculture Buildings.


Only available at certain coastal or river locations.


Focus on commerce income Brances at level five, option with higher base commerce income requires Tea resource.


Increases character experience (faction-wide). Chain only provides Character Experience bonuses.

Academies of Culture - Kong Rong

The faction variant of the Schools chain for Kong Rong's faction Qi

Market Wharf

Enhances trade and commerce income. Only available at certain coastal or river locations.


Enhances trade and commerce income. Available instead of Market Wharf in inland regions.

Military Buildings

Part of the Fire Wu Xing, these buildings reduce the construction cost of Government Buildings.


Provides experience bonus to new recruits.

Military Forges

Focus on recruitment cost.

Military Infrastructure

Military Infrastructure.

Government Buildings

Part of the Earth Wu Xing, these buildings reduce the construction cost of Economic Buildings.

Administration Office

Improves government and generates prestige.

Confucian Temples

Focus on public order.

Tax Collection

Increased local taxation for peasantry income. Chain has progressively increased income from peasantry, accompanied by increasing unhappiness with large negative effects on public order! Building levels are all free to build and maintain.

Level one unlocks Bureau of Banditry reform which gives +2 public order. If you're struggling with public order you may need to build this level, learn the reform and then demolish the building!

Level five requires Commissioners of Passage reform.

Region Specific Chains

These chains relate to the subsidiary region types, each region type has a specific building chain that can be constructed. The levels of the chain function in a similar manner as Settlement Administration buildings for commandery capitals and provide garrisons and battlemap defence upgrades where applicable.

Grain Farms

For Farmland regions, gives increasing; prestige, food production and reserve capacity. Reduces the construction cost of Military Buildings.


For Iron Mines - includes tower defences.


For Livestock Farm regions. Gives increasing, prestige, food production (farming), income from peasantry, and reserve capacity. Reduces the construction cost of Military Buildings.

Branches at level five to Grand Livestock Estate (higher income) or Livestock Farmstead (higher food).


For Salt Mine regions. Gives increasing; prestige, income from industry and reserve capacity. Reduces the cost of Agricultural buildings.

  • Level one unlocks Salt resource.
  • Level four requires Market Administration reform (which in turn requires Private Tutors which requires the level 1 Schools building). This level also requires the Industrialists resource, which is unlocked from the State Workshops level 4 main branch or Labour level 4 side branch.

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