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Welcome to Total War Center's Wiki.

Here you can find information on the Total War Series games, the TWC forums and their community, and mods for Total War games.
TWC's dedicated forums for each Total War game contain discussion, technical and gameplay help, mods, and modding tutorials and advice.
The forums are also home to vibrant debating and creative communities.
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TWC Wiki Featured Areas

Total War: Rome II

The Rome II game has increased in popularity over the years. Official patches have improved the game play mechanics and fixed problems the game had at launch. On the wiki the game information section is being expanded to include detailed information on Cultures and Factions. New Rome II pages:

Vote for your favourite Hellenic or Punic Culture here, and help influence how the wiki team develop the Rome II pages.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

The TWC Wiki currently has the following sections on the latest game from CA:

Please check back regularly to view new content!

Europa Barbarorum ~ RTW Modding Spotlight

Europa Barbarorum recently won the TWC 2018 Modding Awards Rome: Total War favourite mod category. Europa Barbarorum (EB) is perhaps the best known of all the total war mods and one of the very few mods with its own Wikipedia page. The mod was first released for RTW in 2005! Whilst some of the work on the mod franchise moved to EBII (for M2TW) the RTW mod has also continued development, with version 1.32 released in 2018.

The mod's dedication to historical accuracy is legendary and the user agreement for the mod also requests that you "Read more History".

Work on the mod is continuing with version 1.33 expected to add more than 60 new, historically attested units including chariots, cavalrymen, generals and updated siege engines. The new Celtic Ram covered with shields is shown below:

Celtic Ram from v1.33 preview

Visit the Europa Barbarorum hosted forum on TWC here to discuss the mod and congratulate the team.

Divide et Impera ~ Rome II Modding Spotlight

The winner of the combined 'Steel' section of the 2018 TWC Modding Awards was Divide et Impera, DEI took on other Rome II mods and mods from Attila and Thrones of Britannia and won by a substantial margin. DEI's team leader, Dresden, was also awarded joint first place in the Steel Favourite Modder category.

Divide et Impera is a total overhaul of Total War: Rome II that seeks to provide a challenging, historically accurate, realistic experience of the ancient world and warfare. The mod had its first release in 2013 and won both TWC's and Creative Assembly's awards for best Rome II Overhaul in 2014. The mod had a major update to version 1.2.4 which was released in December 2018, the update included a complete Battle Stats Overhaul based on KAM's Experimental Pack and a Campaign AI Overhaul by ScipioTheGreat and many other changes. Work in 2019 continued with a further update to version 1.2.4b, which, as well as balancing changes and bug fixes, adds 70 new ancillaries to the mod.

Ardiaei unit from version 1.2.5

This August the mod released another major update to version 1.2.5, this includes a new playable faction and complete overhauls of units and rosters for Ardiaei, Medewi, Sparta & Pergamon factions, and really much too much to mention here! The unit shown above is the new Illyrioi Aristoi Hoplitai unit, one of 22 new units added to the Ardiaei. Download the latest version of DEI here.

Divide et Impera has an active hosted forum on TWC where you can discuss the mod, find advice and player manuals, and view the latest previews of upcoming releases. Visit the forum here.

Total War News

For latest news please also view Total War Gaming News and Announcements on TWC.

Three Kingdoms Patch 1.3.0

Patch 1.3.0 has been released in beta form. Amongst various bug and balance fixes the patch introduces four new legendary characters and reworks the Commander character role. Commanders (the yellow guys) will now be able to recruit crossbowmen and use formations, making them a possible substitute for the Strategists in battle.

Discuss the 3k patches here.

Total War Saga TROY

The next Saga has been announced and it will take the Total War Series back to the Bronze Age, its earliest incarnation so far! CA have already released the following:

Discuss the the Troy Saga here.

Three Kingdoms Modding Support

Creative Assembly have released the Assembly Kit tool for Three Kingdoms, it contains Dave (for database editing), Terry (for battle map creation), BoB (for compilation of pack files), and the Variant Editor (for editing unit model collections). They’ve also provided a number of art resources to assist in the creation of custom assets. The Steam Workshop for the game has been opened and already contains hundreds of mods.

Visit the Total War: Three Kingdoms Mod Workshop for modding help and advice.

More about the Total War Center

In addition to in-depth coverage of all the Total War Series games, modding and mods, TWC is home to a lively Discussion and Debate area including the notorious and well named Political Mudpit. Occasionally also the scene of heated debate, The Curia governs a unique system of Citizenship and encourages users to discuss ways to improve the site.

The Writers Study

The Writers' Study is home to many exceptional writers of After Action Reports and Creative Writing and hosts the Tale of the Week competition and much more.

The Scriptorium

The Scriptorium is a place where the Total War Center's most popular and well-written articles are stored.

Picture of the Week

The Picture of the Week and Video Competitions are held in the Screenshot Galleries.

The Graphics Workshop

The Graphics Workshop is home to some great artists who as well as showcasing their works are happy to provide help and advice and might even make a signature or avatar for you!

The Community Portal, Home of TWC's vibrant creative community!

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