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Welcome to Total War Center's Wiki

Here you can find information on the Total War Series of games, the TWC forums and their community, and mods for Total War games.

The Total War Series

TWC's dedicated forums for each Total War game contain areas for discussion and technical and gameplay help. For more information about the games visit the Total War Series overview page, or go to the individual game's portal by clicking on the appropriate image below:

Total War: PharaohRome: Total War & Remastered PortalTotal War Saga: TroyTotal War: Three Kingdoms PortalTotal War Saga: Thrones of BritanniaTotal War: Warhammer PortalTotal War: AttilaTotal War: Rome II PortalTotal War: Shogun 2 PortalNapoleon: Total WarEmpire: Total WarMedieval 2: Total War PortalMedieval: Total WarThe Modding Portal

Total War Mods & Modding

TWC's dedicated forums for each Total War game contain; in-progress and released mods, and modding workshops for tutorials and advice. Visit:

Total War Mods to find links to mods large and small for all the Total War games. From total conversions, to small adjustments to improve battle play.

The Modding Portal if you want to start modding the Total War games yourself. From here you will find links to Tutorials, Tools and Resources for each game.

Modding News and Announcements on TWC for the latest news about mod releases and updates.

About Total War Center

In addition to the coverage of the Total War games, the forums are also home to vibrant debating and creative communities. Visit:

Total War Center to find competitions you can enter, publications to read, and where to post to get the best advice or join the most interesting debates, and to learn more about more about TWC, its history and staff.

Frequently Asked Questions if you have queries about the forum, can't figure out how to register, or would like to understand what all the bling in people's forum profiles means?

Terms of Service to find the rules that apply to the forum and this wiki.

TWC Terms of ServiceTWC Frequently Asked QuestionsSupport TWC on Patreon

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