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|Faction Leader= No
|Faction Leader= No
|Class= Vanguard
|Class= [[Vanguard (TW3K Character Type)|Vanguard]]
|Legendary= No
|Legendary= No
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Yu Du starts as friends with [[Zhang Yan]] and [[Li Damu]], his historical counterparts.  
Yu Du starts as friends with [[Zhang Yan]] and [[Li Damu]], his historical counterparts.  
[[Category: TW3K Characters]]
[[Category: TW3K Characters]]

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Yu Du
Name: Yu Du
Game: Total War: Three Kingdoms
Culture: Han
Starting Faction: The Heishan Bandits
Faction Leader: No


Yu Du is a character in the Total War: Three Kingdoms grand campaign.

Historical Background

Also known as Poison Yu, he was one of many bandit chiefs to come under Zhang Yan when he took command of the Heishan Bandits. He was sent by Zhang Yan, along with Bo Rao and Sui Gu, to attack Dong Commandery and establish a foothold in Yan Province not long after the coalition began to fall apart. The succeeded in plundering large swathes of Dong Commandery and established themselves to the point where the commandery administrator Wang Gong could not do anything about them. However, Cao Cao, who had need of a base, sensed an opportunity and led his men against them, killing Bo Rao and reestablishing control over Dong, which he quickly became administrator of in place of the ineffectual Wang Gong.

Yu Du attempted to reverse the situation the next year by besieging the commandery capitol of Dongwuyang County while Cao Cao was away on the other side of the Yellow River. However, Cao Cao just marched towards the Heishan camp in Henei instead, and Yu Du was forced to retreat to prevent himself from being cut off. Cao Cao continued by attacking Sui Gu and their ally Yufuluo of the Xiongnu at Neihuang and crushing them as well. At this point, Zhang Yan was getting embroiled in the war against Yuan Shao, and the Dong Commandery invasion was going nowhere, so he recalled Yu Du to attack the city of Ye, Yuan Shao's capitol. This went a lot better since Yuan Shao was away fighting Gongsun Zan and a mutiny in Wei Commandery added to their number, so Yu Du succeeded in taking and sacking the city. However, Yuan Shao returned, retook the city, and chased Yu Du all the way to Chaoge County in Henei, where he besieged him for five days before killing him in 193AD.

Start Location

Yu Du starts as a general of The Heishan Bandits, in Yanmen Commandery.

Start Overview




Yu Du starts as friends with Zhang Yan and Li Damu, his historical counterparts.

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