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Gaming Staff

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Gaming Staff
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Current Staff: View Here


Gaming Staff are a branch of staff responsible for operating the several official TWC Gaming aspects of the website. They are made up of regular members and citizens of TWC, and are highly dedicated to their position.


  • The RPG section. While the group tasked with running the RPG section are not all Gaming Staff, Gaming Staff is responsible for the RPG Section.
  • The Hotseat Campaigns section. Whilst not all hotseats are run by Gaming Staff, it does run many of them and is responsible for the area as a whole, as well as competitions, awards, etc.
  • The The TGC section. The Total Guess Competition is entirely run by the Gaming Staff.
  • The The PotF section. The Post of the Fortnight Competition is currently entirely run by the Gaming Staff, but can also exploit help from non-staffers when needed.

Gaming Directors

Gaming Directors are supervising the activity within the different branches of the Gaming Staff. They are also responsible to ensure that the various games and competitions are properly held and they are as well committed to keep the same alive and running.

Gaming Emeritus

Those who are Gaming Emeritus are former Gaming Staffers (usually former Gaming Directors) who have left office but are kept around in staff for advisory type roles.

List of Gaming Emeritus

Current Staff

For a list of Staff Members & Directors see here.

See more

There is a Gaming-related TWC publication called The Gamer's Gazette, providing all sorts of stuff ranging from reviews to videos!

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