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General's Bodyguard (ETW Unit)

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General's Bodyguard (ETW Unit)
Class General
Unit Size 32 Men
Weaponry Sabres
Melee Attack
Ranged Attack
Charge Bonus
Region Global
Recruitment Cost 1280
Upkeep Cost 90
Turns to Build
Unit Limit
Building Requirements Military Acadamy
Technology Requirements None
  • Can rally routing comrades
  • Inspires nearby units

  • Euroheavycavalrythumb.png These tough warriors and soldiers have only one task: keeping their commander alive and well in the swirling chaos of battle.


    A general can only do his duty properly if these men keep rough and unpleasant fellows from interrupting his calm deliberations about how to kill as many of the enemy as possible for as little loss as possible.

    Only the most loyal and fiercest fighters are assigned to a general’s bodyguard. Good manners are a bonus, of course, but a strong sword arm and a deadly aim are more use! Their equipment is generally of the finest quality, and their pay is often supplemented from the general’s own pocket: they have a sound financial interest in keeping him alive, as well as their honour in carrying out a duty successfully!


    The general's bodyguard are superb units with impressive melee, defense, and morale stats and can inspire units near them to keep fighting. However, they should avoid battle whenever possible, as generals are expensive to recruit, improve over time if kept alive, and cause large penalties for every friendly unit should they be killed in the field of battle; also, there are less of them than the standard cavalry regiment, and so may be crushed due to sheer numbers more easily. Generals' bodyguards can be used in emergency situations to shore up a flagging section of the battlelines both as backup units and to inspiring wavering units, or to chase already routing enemies.


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