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Westphalia (ETW Faction)

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Westphalia (ETW Faction)
Westphalia FlagETW.png
Name: Westphalia
From Game: Empire: Total War
Religion:ETW Symbol of CatholicismCatholicism
Culture: European

Westphalia is a minor nation in Empire: Total War.


It is a Catholic absolute monarchy, and initially owns the territory of Rhineland. It is unique because it is the only nation in Empire Total War (apart from the colonial protectorates) that can't reemerge if defeated. This is because its home region will become Hessen if it rebels, in the same way if a territory in the 13 colonies rebels it becomes the US. As a result of this Westphalia can not change government types. Westphalia and Hessen can coexist if Westphalia gains a territory other then Rhineland then lose Rhineland to a rebellion.

Westphalia's chief concerns are the Dutch to the west, Hanover in the east, and sometimes Prussia, France, Spain, and Wurttemburg.


Historically, Westphalia was a region rather than a sovereign state during the events of Empire: Total War. The region was populated by various minor feudal duchies. Gradually, the region of Westphalia came under Prussian control. The Kingdom of Westphalia was founded as a French vassal state after the Prussians were defeated by Napoleon at Jena-Auerstedt. Following the Treaty of Vienna after the defeat and abdication of Napoleon, the majority of the region of Westphalia was granted to Prussia. It remains under German control to this day.

Unit Details

As with some other German states, Westphalia can recruit Jaegers instead of light infantry. Otherwise its unit roster is nothing special.

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