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Afghanistan (ETW Faction)

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Afghanistan (ETW Faction)
Afghanistan FlagETW.png
Name: Afghanistan
From Game: Empire: Total War
Culture: Middle Eastern

Afghanistan is an unplayable minor emergent faction in Empire: Total War.


The region of Afghanistan is located on the very periphery of the Indian theatre. Oddly, the region of Baluchistan, located directly to the south, is instead placed within the European theatre. It is originally controlled by Persia. Most often it emerges when all other regions controlled by Persia are captured (during the Ottoman campaign for instance). Since Persia's capital is located in the European theatre, the faction is destroyed if all its provinces in Europe are taken, after which Afghanistan automatically becomes independent. Like the Persian and Mughal Empires it sits between, Afghanistan is an Islamic nation and does not take kindly to Ottoman conquest of surrounding regions.

Even if it manages to secure its independence from Persia, it will often eventually fall to the expansionist Maratha Confederacy, which seeks to push Islam out of the Indian subcontinent and expand west into Europe.


Afghanistan rebelled against Safavid Persia to create its own nation in 1709. After a brief period of power in which an Afghan army marched as far south as Lahore, Afghanistan subsided into one of the many small, Islamic states left over from the breakup of the great Islamic empires.


Afghanistan fields a rather typical Islamic/Indian army, consisting largely of militia troops and melee infantry, but they also have access to the titular Hillmen, an irregular unit comparable to European light infantry or Riflemen. Though lower in quality then the aforementioned, most surrounding nations lack skirmishing troops altogether, making Afghanistan a rather difficult emergent nation to crush.


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