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The Prothalamos is a subforum of the Curia within which all members of TWC can make proposals to amend the constitution or enforce a decision, or come with nominations for Curia Awards. It was originally created sometime during 2003, along with the Curia Vote section. According to the Constitution, any member may propose a bill or decision in the Prothalamos. It must then be supported by three Citizens and be subject to three days of debate. Afterwards, the bill's author can request it to be moved to vote. The poll lasts seven days and the bill must achieve a two-thirds majority in order to pass. Once a bill has passed, the Hexagon Council will decide whether to implement it.

All proposed bills in the Prothalamos will eventually be moved to the Archives after a certain amount of time has passed since the last post in the thread.

The Prothalamos was reserved for citizens only until the implementation of the Curial Overhaul 66, where it was opened to all registered members of TWC.

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