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England (M2TW:K Faction)

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M2TW Kingdoms:


England in M2TW Kingdoms are quite similar to the English Faction in M2TW.

In Kingdoms they are destined to be a dominant force in the game.

Starting Position


England begins the campaign with more land under her control than the Kings of Scotland, Wales, Norway and Ireland Combined. They can soon expect trouble though. They control so many regions that rebellions will occur, which results in the formation of the Barons Alliance. They start as the most powerful faction in the game.

Hero- Edward I

At around turn 10-20 you will receive the option to send Edward on a crusade (If he hasn't been killed). Do so and later on he will emerge with a large crusading army consisting of-

- Edward and his bodyguard

- 3 units of Knights Templar

- 2 units of Armoured Swordsmen

- 3 units of Templar Sergeants

- 3 units of Templar Crossbowmen

- 2 units of Longbowmen



The English unit roster includes strong heavy infantry.

  • Peasants
  • Bill Militia
  • Town Militia
  • Heavy Bill Militia
  • Spear Militia
  • Levy Spearmen
  • Dismounted English Knights
  • Armoured Swordsmen
  • Armoured Sergeants
  • Billmen
  • Heavy Billmen


The English have a poor variety of cavalry compared to some factions.

  • Hobilars
  • Merchant Cavalry Militia
  • Mailed Knights
  • Demi Lancers
  • Feudal Knights
  • English Knights
  • Knights Templar

Missile Troops

  • Peasant Archers
  • Archer Militia
  • Arquebusiers
  • Longbowmen
  • Yeoman Archers
  • Retinue Longbowmen


The English have access to the normal range of artillery which includes;

  • Ballista
  • Catapult
  • Ribault
  • Trebuchet
  • Mortar
  • Bombard
  • Culverin

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