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Turks (M2TW:K Faction)

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M2TW Kingdoms:


The turks are a powerful faction in the crusades expansion and have several new units, they have the strongest late-game ranged roster and are very powerful in all ways. to compensate for this they have direct exposure to the mongols. They can complete their starting objectives very early on. They have the most reinforcements in this campaign(2 , Osman and the jihad) and start with their hero (nur-al-din) They have a very scattered initial empire, and it cannot be reunited through any simple means. Their main adverseries are the Byzantine Empire and the principality of Antioch. They can expect a very fast game on easier difficulties to their large initial armies, but have an easy time attacking at later stages if they prepate for the Mongols. The Turks are overall, the most versatile faction . It can be played as a horse-archer mobility faction or a full foot archer army that can melee very well or as a traditional army in the normal sense. It is however, lacking in cheap backbone units until later on.

Starting Position

The turks begin in the East and the slightly northwest split between some rebel settlements and the principality of antioch .

Eastern Area

The (south)eastern area is mostly surrounded by rebels, but there's one region bordering the Principality of Antioch. It is directly in the way of the Mongol invasion (or most of the positions where they can appear)

The Turks begin with the four cities of Mosul, Baghdad, Takrit and Raqqa in this area, Baghdad being the most advanced.

0096.jpg 0097.jpg 0098.jpg 0099.jpg 0100.jpg 0101.jpg 0102.jpg

Northwestern Area

This area is composed of 5 towns Icorium Ankara Doryleum Amorium and Kirscheia. Very near to the byzantine empire, they have a few interesting rebel regions both to the south and north of them however. They are also very close to the principality of Antioch .

0103.jpg 0104.jpg 0105.jpg 0106.jpg 0107.jpg 0108.jpg

Diplomatic Situation, Victory Condition , and initial agents

They Begin Allied With


They Begin at war with

Principality of Antioch The Byzantine Empire

Their Victory Conditions Are: Long: Hold 25 Regions including Bagdhad (30 Turns) Antioch (10 turns) Constantinople (10 turns) Krek de chevaliar (10 turns) Jerusalem (10 Turns) Eliminate Faction : Principality of Antioch

Short: Hold 15 regions Eliminate Faction : Principality of Antioch

Their Agents Are Diplomat: 3 Influence

Priest: 5 Piety

Assassin: 2 Subterfuge

Assassin: 2 Subterfuge

Spy: 2 Subterfuge


Unique Buildings

Horse Racing (City) (1 Upgrade) +5% / +10% Happiness, Allows races to be held ( which further increase Happiness at the cost of income) and Allows you to recruit Turkomans / Turkomans and Spahis

0094-1.jpg 0095.jpg

Bismaritian ( City) (1 Upgrade) Increase Pulic Health 10%/20% and Decreases retraining costs by -20%/ -40%

0092-2.jpg 0093-2.jpg

Hashashims Guild

The hashashims guild will periodically offer missions to kill enemies.



The infantry of the turks is fairly weak. But the jannisary heavy infantry is one that is one of the best in the game, if expensive. The dismounted hasham is also a very versatile unit that can hold its own in general .

0049-6.jpg 0050-6.jpg 0051-5.jpg 0052-5.jpg 0053-5.jpg 0054-5.jpg 0055-4.jpg 0056-4.jpg 0057-4.jpg 0058-4.jpg 0059-4.jpg 0060-3.jpg

Ranged Infantry

The turks have amazing ranged troops in general, and the pinnacle of these are the Jannisaries, Boasting both jannisary archers and jannisary musketeers they have powerful ranged penetration. With the addition of the turkish crossbow they have cheap armor piercing power. The Jannisary archer can also lay stakes, one of the more powerful abilities in the game.

0061-3.jpg 0062-3.jpg 0063-3.jpg 0064-4.jpg 0065-4.jpg 0066-3.jpg 0067-3.jpg 0068-3.jpg 0069-3.jpg


While the turks cavalry is nothing special, the quapkulu is worth noting for having a large mass and despite the stats a usually devestating charge, but theyre rare and only available later on.

0070-3.jpg 0071-3.jpg 0073-3.jpg 0074-3.jpg 0075-3.jpg

Ranged cavalry

The Turks are likely the second best faction for horse archers right after the mongols, they have good early availability and very powerful ranged attacks and the elite can occasionally engage in melee with weak opponents

0071-3.jpg 0076-3.jpg 0077-3.jpg 0078-2.jpg


The Turks recieve an amazing array of artillery, probably the best in the game. They have the ultimate wall-tearing gun the Monster Grand Bombard, have some solid cannons for killing units, and have the ultra-awesome mangonel to boot!

0079-2.jpg 0080-2.jpg 0081-2.jpg 0082-2.jpg 0083-2.jpg 0084-2.jpg 0085-2.jpg 0086-2.jpg

Common Mercenaries

Infantry 0116.jpg 0117.jpg Ranged Infantry 0087-2.jpg 0088-2.jpg

Cavalry 0089-2.jpg 0090-2.jpg 0091-2.jpg 0114.jpg

Ranged Cavalry 0115.jpg 0120.jpg

Unique Crusades Hero


Nur-al-din Initially starts very powerful, with high Command piety, and reduced agent training costs. He has the ability to increase the Morale and attack speed of troops neary for a few seconds for one time per battle. While this is occuring friendly banners will glow yellow. His model also looks awesome


Banners yellow as honey.



At the moment, Not much to me is known about osman. If anyone knows please add the information .(He established Ottoman Empire,buddy) I know Osman will emerge around the northwestern areas , He will emerge with an army of

5 Ottoman infantry 5 Jannisary archers 5 Jannisary Heavy Infantry

At turn 56-58

Turkish Initial Jihad


The Turks will get on the second turn , 2 nearly full stacks of units for a jihad to launch against the crusader states. There are composed of-

6 Muttaw'ai

6 Ghazis

4 Turkomans

3 Turkish horse archers

3 Kurdish Auxilaries

3 Turkish Archers

3 Turkish Javalinemen

3 Spear militia

0111.jpg 0112.jpg

Power Center loss Reinforcement

Currently i know two possibilities that may be true. but only one is

A)When a power center is lost you will recieve a stack based on the number of times its been lost and the turn .

Or maybe.

B)The number of times one has been taken .

If A, you you can lose the capital up to 5 times before they start appearing, you will get the stack the first time only if its turn 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / >60 In order for the 5 waves and you have less then and under 5/6/7/8/9 cities overall. Im unsure if this is to prvent constant spawning when a city is captured and then retaking repeatedly, or if this can only happen between the turns.

If B, its only dependent on when you lose it

Either way ,you get a maximum of 5 reinforcement stacks, for the turks they are the following

1st Time

2 turkomans

2 peasents

2 peasent archers

2 town militia

2 kurdish auxilaries

2nd time

2 turkomans

2 peasents

2 turkish archers

2 turkish horse archers

2 kurdish auxilaries

3rd time

2 turkomans

2 peasents

2 turkish archers

2 turkish javilenmen

2 kurdish auxilaries

4th time

2 sipahi lancers

2 peasents

2 ottoman infantry

2 turkish javilenmen

2 kurdish auxilaries

5th time

2 sipagi lancers

2 kurdish auxilaries

2 ottoman infantry

2 turkish javalinmen

2 azabs

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