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The Britannia Campaign

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M2TW Kingdoms:


The Britannia Campaign is one of four campaigns available in the Kingdoms expansion to Medieval II: Total War.


The campaign starts in 1258 AD with the British Isles in turmoil. Henry III is the English King and a dominant power. English forces are spread thinly though, and the other British Kingdoms are poised for a possible push for power.... England has hopes to expand into the territories of the Welsh and Scots, however they know it won't be easy, especially now that they face rebellion in Ireland and the revolting Barrons within their own kingdoms. Wales, lead by Prince Llywelyn, know of the English King's plans to invade them, and have launched a counterattack, looking to target the border settlements of the English to expand their domain and contest with their English enemies. Following the norman conquest, the Gaelic Irish still hold small pockets of land, and their chiefs have finally united to take back what was once theirs from the norman English. The Kingdom of Scotland's independence is threatened. With the ambitious English to the south and the mighty Norwegians to the north, the Scots may have to drop their neutrality and battle their rivals in the name of their country. The Norwegians know that all the other nations of Britannia are distracted, and they are slowly sending more and more troops into the isles of Britannia to attempt to seize some territories from the Scots and raid the many coastal settlements of Britannia. All of the nations of Britannia have ambitions to make this land theirs, however it will not be easy for them.


The map area includes all of the British Isles.



Faction Leader: King Henry III

England start in a dominant position, owning more lands than the Kings of Scotland, Wales and Ireland Combined. They can soon expect trouble though. They face both Wales, and Ireland as enemies, with Scotland and Norway to the north as a potential threat, despite Scotland's Queen being an English Princess. If King Henry the Third is to rule all of Britannia, he must contest against all his foes, and allies, to ensure English dominance throughout the land. However, the nobles seem to be uncontent with his rule, and uncontent nobles will always try to overthrow their king,


Faction Leader: King Llywelyn

Wales are a strong defensive faction but unless they attack the English their future looks bleak. They control only 3 territories, and will lose them if they only play defensively. Fortunately their people are very loyal, and if the nearby towns are freed of English Oppression, then King Llywelyn might be able to forge an army capable of destroying England.


Faction Leader: King Alexander III

Scotland faces the Norse as enemies, preventing them from going south to the heartland of Scotland. However, the Scots are cautious, as the Power Hungry Henry the Third of England might want to become king of both England, and Scotland, however, a famous knight known as William Wallace may be able to help if that does happen...


Faction Leader: King Haakon IV

Norway starts on islands just off the mainland, and may seem weak at first, but they can soon expect reinforcements from the homeland. Haakon the fourth wishes to control most, if not all, of Britannia, just as his forefathers did. How he will do so, is another question...


Faction Leader: King Brian O'Neill

Ireland start off with half of their country in their control. Luckily Dublin seem discontent with English control, and most of the English Forces seems to be busy with crushing the Welsh Rebellion. The Irish might be able to wrestle the Land of the Irish from English control, and perhaps even more...

Special Features


The Britannia Campaign introduces permanent forts for the first time. These provide strategic strongholds for attack or defence. Unlike the major towns and castles occupation of a fort does not mean that you control the surrounding region. Forts will provide 2 free units of upkeep (Any unit, even generals) and capturing an enemy fort on his territory will cause increased devastation . Forts often have moats and/or block bridges and important trading roads

Emerging Champions

Each faction has a unique character that emerges during the game. He will have traits that make him a formidable General and will also appear with a large army.

Norway will receive Haakon Haakonson

England will be able to choose whether to send Prince Edward on the Crusade or not. If he returns he will be much stronger and be accompanied by a stack of Crusading units. If not, a stack of crusaders appears anyway.

Scotland will receive William Wallace if they have under 5 settlements, or after England attacks them and captures a settlement past a certain turn, or he will have a set spawn at a later turn.

Rebellion on Welsh Border

Simulating historic events, the Welsh, under their self-declared King of Wales, Llewellyn will make attacks along the border between England and Wales. If any welsh initial city becomes captured some extra welsh units will appear to help recapture it. If any of the three English border settlements are captured Wales will get waves of reinforcements (this only works if the official 1.05 update had been installed).

Dynamic Kings Purse

The King's Purse is a bonus amount of income, irrespective of the wealth generated by cities. The amount awarded by it can change throughout the game. Messages will be sent notifying the player when this happens.

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