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The Teutonic Campaign

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M2TW Kingdoms:


The Teutonic Campaign is one of four campaigns available in the Kingdoms expansion to Medieval II: Total War.


The campaign starts at 1250 AD and is based around the conflict between Christianity and paganism. Christian forces are lead by the reckless Teutonic order, crusading against the last pagan kingdom in Europe, Lithuania.


Based around the Baltic sea.


Playable Factions

  • The Teutonic Order: Has all round powerful units, including terrifying Ritterbrüder, lacks light and fast units. Their starting location is divided in two halves.
  • Lithuania: Has a very good choice of light units, especially excellent light cavalry. Lithuania is surrounded by catholic factions, being a lone pagan faction, Lithuania's only choice might be converting to Catholicism.
  • Denmark: Good all round unit roster. Slightly lacks in cavalry. Has a good starting position in Denmark and Estonia.
  • Novgorod: Excellent cavalry, but lacks good early infantry and missile troops. Has strong control over eastern areas of the map.

Unlockable Factions

  • Poland : Is surrounded by potential enemies. Has excellent cavalry but bad infantry choice.

Unplayable Factions

  • Norway: A weak faction in the Teutonic campaign, has powerful infantry but lacks good cavalry.
  • Mongols: A weak faction in the Teutonic campaign, excellent cavalry, bad infantry.

Special Features

Crusading Nobles: Crusading nobles arrive from Europe, requesting the Teutonic order's assistance and in return give donations to the order. Lithuania will be rewarded if they succeed to kill one of these crusaders.

Kalmar Union: If Denmark succeeds to take over Scandinavia, the Kalmar union is formed, allowing Denmark to recruit Norwegian units. The Kalmar Union is bugged, however the 1.05 official patch will fix it.

Hanseatic League: The Hanseatic league consists of five regions around Baltic sea: Visby, Novgorod, Riga, Hamburg and Danzig. For every one of these regions a faction holds, it will receive five points per turn. Once a faction receives five hundred, it will be given the opportunity to build the Hanseatic League Headquarters.

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