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Previously known as Curator, but was renamed after an amendment by Katsumoto in an effort to "sex up" the role. The Consul is at present responsible for the day to day administration of the Curia, including but not limited, maintaining and updating the text of The Constitution as amendments and additions are made along with any other tasks outlined in this document. Only Citizens may hold this Office. Consuls are served by two Censors, who act as assistants. The trio also acts as a de facto Moderation for the Curia.

A Consul can always be recognized by their purple usernames or the badge they wear:
Troy Consul.png

An up to date record of the current Consul can be found here

The first Curator/Consul to take office was Kazak borispavlovgrozny, one of the members of the original Triumvirate. The Consul has gone from being a position of one of the administrators to a position elected by the Curia. The current Consul can be found here


The Consul was once a position held by one of the original Triumvirate, which was then moved to the Republican Consul. The Consul generally appointed a Pro-Consul to oversee most of the standard tasks of the Consul. The position was later moved to a Curia-elected position, and then simply to a member of the Hexagon Council. However, the Pro-Curator position is now defunct.

At present the role of Consul under the new Constitution is an entirely Curia-elected position. The role of the Consul has changed little since the original reforms, and while it the Consul servers as a local moderator of the Curia this is primarily to update threads, add polls, and general housekeeping.

The longest serving Consul was General Brewster, who served 15 months spanning 4 terms. For this he was awarded the Curial Service award

Past Curators

Past Pro-Curators

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